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  • Virtual Home Tour: The New Tulemar Bamboo Villas

    The new Tulemar Bamboo Villas are nothing short of luxurious, and are the perfect place for your next romantic getaway, honeymoon, or solo adventure. We could go on and on about how many rave reviews we have on TripAdvisor, but we’ll let those speak for themselves. Check them out here!

    Have we piqued your curiosity yet? If you’re interested to know what the hype is all about, we’ve broken down the villas in this virtual tour so you can experience them for yourself, without even reaching for your passport (but keep that handy… More than likely you’ll be needing it soon.)

    The luxurious design of these villas is a mix of mid-century modern and tropical beach house. Each private villa is 3 stories tall, combining indoor/outdoor living and a private plunge pool for each villa. The main floor includes the outdoor living area with a large daybed, twin sun loungers, a desk area, and a bathroom with an outdoor shower by the pool.

    The second floor is an open air mezzanine with a kitchenette complete with refrigerator, 2 burner stove, microwave, sink, coffee maker and kitchenware perfect for making a quick breakfast, snacks and drinks, but also large enough to cook a meal or to bring in a private chef for a special dinner. The dining area seats 2-4 guests, perfect for a meal with friends!

    The third floor includes the master bedroom with a king bed, seating area, TV, balcony and large bath with a walk-in raindrop shower, twin vanities, separate toilet area and a walk-in closet.

    Oh, and did we mention this place has AMAZING ocean views?

    You’ll have the services of a private concierge throughout your stay. Massage by your pool? Dinner suggestions? Tours and activities? We can make it happen for you!

    Need a little more convincing? Check out this oh-so-kind review by Shelly from Dallas, TX:

    “These villas are beyond words! I have never experienced another vacation rental like it; totally open air, private, super romantic, and situated in the jungle (wildlife everywhere!) with the best views I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful, modern, but with all the comforts of home – and then some! A kitchenette and good sized fridge, stove top if you want to cook at home, full wireless, AC in the bedroom (the only place you really need it) and a HUGE his and her bathroom with rain shower.

    The resort itself is like its own world, you’re right in the middle of Manuel Antonio – walking distance to shops, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. – but when you step inside the Tulemar gates you walk into the jungle. Monkeys, sloths, lizards, scarlet macaws, toucans… and more. As if all of this wasn’t perfect enough, the service was the best we’ve ever experienced. We can’t wait to come back!”

    Interested in booking a vacation at our Bamboo Villas? Contact our reservations office, or head over to our Bamboo Villa webpage to learn more!

    Pura Vida,




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  • Jeff Corwin at Casa de Frutas

    At Tulemar, all our guests are VIP… But sometimes some just happen to be more well-known than others. For example, Jeff Corwin.

    Jeff Corwin is a biologist, wildlife conservationist, and Emmy-award winning TV host known for shows such as The Jeff Corwin Experience, Going Wild with Jeff Corwin, and Ocean Treks.

    We were thrilled when we were contacted by Jeff’s team requesting several villas for Jeff and his Ocean Treks crew for a week in December while they planned to shoot an episode of the show. Tulemar was the perfect place for their stay since The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica’s rescue and release facility is located on Tulemar’s property.

    Jeff stayed in our gorgeous Casa de Frutas… A nature-fanatic’s haven, as its open air concept in the middle of the trees is perfect for animal watching.  Check out this awesome video Jeff filmed for us about his stay!


    One thing is for sure: We love Jeff Corwin, and we were so honored to be a part of his Costa Rican journey! Looking for more Jeff Corwin? Be sure to check out Ocean Treks every Saturday morning at 9:30PST on ABC!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Where To Eat In Manuel Antonio

    One thing is for sure… Manuel Antonio has no shortage of restaurants. They’re all delicious and (bonus) most of them have incredible views. On top of that, there are plenty of supermarkets in the area, and at Tulemar you can even hire a private chef! While it’s excellent to have options, if you’re here for a limited amount of time it may be daunting to figure out the best route to take for each meal.

    Lucky for you we have a lot of experience trying new restaurants, making reservations for guests, and hearing feedback from others! So, we’ve taken all our intel and broken down how and where most guests choose to do their meals, so you aren’t stuck tired and hungry trying to figure out what sounds best.

    Grocery Shopping
    You will have the option to grocery shop with your concierge upon arrival. This is a great time to stock up on your favorite snacks, drinks, and any food you may want to prepare for yourself during your stay. Not ready to buy a certain something? No problem! Your concierge will gladly do a grocery run for you any time throughout your stay.

    Private Chef 
    We can provide a personal chef for one special meal or for all your meals, whichever you choose! We have three private chefs that our guests love. We will send menus in advance and you can choose which chef you prefer (or maybe several!).  They will then do the shopping, prepare and serve your meals, and leave the kitchen spotless. The chefs can even work with any dietary restrictions and food allergies. Just be sure to let us know. Here is the approximate cost for 4-8 people, plus the cost of groceries, based upon the menu you choose:

    • Breakfast – $90
    • Lunch – $120
    • Dinner – $120 to $180
    • Breakfast & Dinner – $220 to $270
    • Full day – $320
    • All Meals for the Week (up to 21 meals) – from $1,000 – $1,250

    Local Restaurants
    First, let us be clear: There is an endless number of amazing restaurants in Manuel Antonio and Quepos. Plus, with the town constantly growing and changing, there are new ones popping up every day! That said, here is a list of some of our tried and true favorites.

    • El Lagarto
      • If you’re hungry and looking for something very unique, this one is for you! Everything on the menu is cooked over a wood fired grill; beef, fish, pork, chicken, and veggies. The flavors are amazing, the portions are large, and the sunset ocean views are spectacular.
    • El Patio de Café Milagro
      • The “Starbuck’s” of Manuel Antonio and one of our all-around favorites! This lively café is focused on coffee, baked goods and delicious meals. At night, it transforms from a coffee house into a bistro style restaurant complete with an amazing menu and a fun bar. Complete with live music 7 days a week, two spacious patios, dining area, and gift shop… This spot has it all!
    • Marina Pez Vela
      • Experience the new Marina in Quepos! It has a variety of great restaurants and shops, all with views of the waterfront. We can even arrange a round-trip shuttle for free! List of restaurants:
        Gabriella’s (Steakhouse) – Runaway Grill (bar + restaurant) – Z Seafood – Mercato di Porto (Italian cuisine) – Sunrice (Japanese).
    • Ronny’s Place
      • This little “locals’ secret” is a must! It sits by itself on a mountain ridge overlooking the ocean and has sunset views you will not want to miss. If you’re looking for great seafood, steak, chicken, or pasta, then this is the spot for you.
    • Marlin
      • Right across from the main beach in Manuel Antonio, Marlin is an excellent spot for great food and good people-watching! Marlin offers a little bit of everything to keep everyone in your family happy: Burgers, sandwiches, Mexican and Costa Rican cuisine.
    • Emilio’s Café
      • Emilio’s is a Mediterranean style coffee house with fresh baked goods, friendly service, stunning ocean views, and delicious meals! This is the perfect spot to sit with a morning brew and enjoy views of the coastline. Emilios has great breakfast, lunch, and dinner… Plus a huge selection of mouth-watering homemade desserts!
    • Barba Roja
      • Established in 1975, Barba Roja is the longest-operating business in the area. This restaurant and bar is fun and festive with a lively crowd! Barba Roja offers a diverse menu with steaks, seafood, burgers, and even sushi…. And their sunset happy hour is unbeatable!
    • Café Agua Azul
      • This is our favorite! You will be greeted with a smile, an incredible view, and a lively staff! Their extensive menu has a little bit of everything including burgers, salads, seafood, nachos (the best!), and pasta.
    • De la Finca
      • De la Finca is a quaint Costa Rican restaurant (also known as a soda) in the heart of Quepos… But don’t be fooled: This small restaurant packs a big punch! The gourmet menu, friendly service, delicious sangria, and incredible presentation will leave you satisfied and impressed. The best part? De la Finca is owned by our very own concierge, Chris. Be sure to check it out and let Chris know what you think!
    • Tulemar Beach Grill
      • Sit under the palms with your feet in the sand without even leaving the resort property! Our casual beachfront café offers lunches, snacks and drinks. The menu includes light, hearty, and traditional choices such as salads, ceviche, quesadillas, burgers, and fish specials. The best part? Sign the check to your villa so you don’t have to worry about your wallet while you’re playing in the waves.
    • Tule Café
      • From early morning until well after sundown, the TULE CAFE is Tulemar’s exclusive, full-service restaurant. Situated adjacent to our original resort pool, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus snacks and drinks. Enjoy great views and refreshing ocean breezes without having the leave the resort property!

    We don’t know about you, but we are feeling hungry… Buen provecho!

    Pura Vida,


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  • 10 Tips For A Perfect Vacation

    We have a pretty awesome gig here at Tulemar… We constantly get to meet amazing guests, and we LOVE helping make your vacation better than you ever imagined. While we help you with everything from transportation, planning, and booking activities before you even leave for Costa Rica, we’ve realized that there are a few extra details you can do prior to your departure to ensure your trip is nothing short of magical. Go ahead and tuck this list away… you’re going to need it for every trip to come.

    1. Get Your Passport Ready
      • First things first, if you’re traveling internationally: make sure you have a passport! On top of that, check the expiration date. Most countries require your passport to be valid for 3-6 months after your departure date. Nothing will ruin a trip like not being able to board your flight because your passport is too close to its expiration!
    1. Ditch The Expectations
      • If you’re traveling internationally, you’re likely to encounter countless experiences that are outside your norm. Some of these encounters may be shocking, irritating, or set you back… That’s why we suggest that the only expectation you have is that things won’t always go as planned, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment.
    1. Plan Activities, But Not Too Many
      • Of course you want to experience all the adventures and activities that your host country offers, but don’t forget to plan a little time for R&R. Often times people forget to schedule time to just sit and enjoy the beach or have a relaxing massage, which can later cause the feeling that you need a vacation from your vacation! Do yourself a favor and designate a day to have nothing on the agenda.
    1. Opt For The Insurance
      • Travel insurance is intended to cover medical expenses, cancelled flights, lost luggage, and other unexpected losses while traveling. There are a lot of companies and airlines that offer travel insurance, and sometimes you can find that some aspects are already covered in your current insurance policy. We recommend that you do your research and decide which policy works best for your needs and concerns.
    1. Eat Probiotics Leading Up To The Trip
      • Even if the food and water quality is supreme in the country you’re visiting, it doesn’t hurt to load up on probiotics prior to your departure. Sometimes just being exposed to something different than you’re used to can set your tummy into a tail spin, and we highly doubt that you wish to spend your entire trip sick! Try yogurt, kombucha, or probiotic pills to give your gut super strength to combat any problems that come your way.
    1. Learn A Few Local Phrases
      • Knowing just a few local phrases can go a long way! The locals will appreciate that you’re trying to speak their language, and often times knowing the basics can help you tremendously while shopping, taking a taxi, or asking for help.
    1. Make Copies Of Your Passport And Credit Cards
      • We can’t think of anything worse than being stranded in a strange country with no passport or credit cards! If for any reason you happen to misplace your credit cards and passport while traveling, having photo copies of your documents will help make your life a lot easier.
    1. Let Your Bank Know You’re Leaving
      • This one is a must! Most banks will shut off your credit card if it is used in a foreign country and they don’t know you’re traveling. This is a great thing, as it prevents fraud and theft… But it can cause headaches if your card unexpectedly doesn’t work when trying to pay for a souvenir, tour, or delicious meal! Do yourself a favor and call your bank ahead of time and alert them of your travel dates to avoid any unwanted mishaps.
    1. Bring Cash
      • So, you called your bank to let them know you’re traveling, but they shut off your card anyway. Now what? Having extra cash exchanged into your local currency will be extremely helpful for emergencies, small purchases, or for places that do not accept credit cards. Pro tip: try to exchange your cash at a bank to ensure you receive the accurate exchange rate and to avoid any extra exchange fees!
    1. Let A Trusted Neighbor Know You’ll Be Gone
      • It can be extremely hard to relax while constantly being worried about things back home. Knowing that a trust neighbor is watching over things, watering your plants, and retrieving your mail will help you rest easy and be fully present for your wonderful adventure.

    Now that you’re fully prepared for your getaway, check out this article on how to get the most of your trip once you’re actually there! Do you have any tips you’d like to add? We’d love to hear them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Guest Spotlight: Logan and Dennis Knoch

    We won’t say that we’re not emotional people… We’ve been known to get misty eyed at the sight of a baby sloth or get overly sentimental when we see an amazing sunset (which happens often here in Costa Rica). But there’s nothing that gets us right in the feelers quite like our incredible guests. We love them. That’s why we got extremely excited when former guest, Logan, mentioned us in a Twitter conversation saying that she’d love to do an interview for our blog. We immediately replied to Logan and asked if she’d be okay with us e-mailing her a few questions, and lucky for us she promptly obliged. Our questions to Logan were straight-forward and we assumed the answers we’d get would also be straight-forward… However, Logan blew us away with her raw and emotional replies.

    Logan and her new hubby, Dennis, visited Costa Rica from Westminster, Maryland in early September. The young couple was here on their honeymoon – which in and of itself makes us feel so honored. We understand the special memories that are made during a couple’s honeymoon, and we are thrilled to hear from Logan that Tulemar didn’t disappoint in making their honeymoon all they imagined and more.

    : We are SO thrilled that you chose to stay with us for your honeymoon! What made you choose to visit Costa Rica and how did you land on Tulemar?

    Logan & Dennis: This was our first visit to Costa Rica. We wanted our honeymoon to be full of adventure, relaxation, and luxury and we knew Costa Rica was known for all three! My husband is not a fan of all-inclusive vacations. I am a very anxious traveler so we took to Trip Advisor for the best reviews on resorts and vacations in Costa Rica, which brought us to Tulemar!

    T: What home did you stay in?

    L&D: We stayed in the new Bamboo Villas!

    T: Who was your concierge? Do you mind telling us a little bit about your experience with having a concierge?

    L&D: Our concierge was Chris Madrigal. I can’t say this lightly…He is the absolute best. By the time we left we felt like we were leaving part of our family. He was absolutely amazing. I was sick when we left the USA, and unfortunately grew worse in the first few days of our stay. Chris was amazing and brought a doctor to our villa. Throughout our stay Chris booked our excursions, brought fresh flowers, often gave us champagne and made our experience amazing. He was there around the clock to answer every question, or concern. Although, we never actually had a concern. HE IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST. These words just don’t do him justice. Chris, if you see this please know we’re missing you and if you ever want to visit the States, GIVE US A CALL!

    T: What was your favorite part of the trip?

    L&D: Oh goodness, my favorite part? My husband and I are staring at each other trying to pick just one thing. We both agree, our villa was simply a dream. We had amazing excursions, amazing times on the Tulemar beach and we were surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife our entire stay. But there is nothing compared to the view from our villa during the Costa Rican sunset. It is unlike anything we have ever seen before. We were always excited to explore and come back to our villa to just relax.

    T: What excursions and activities did you do during your stay?

    L&D: We did the sloth walk, ‘CAUSE HELLO, who doesn’t love to see sloths?! We also did the catamaran tour! We loved that. While on our tour we saw hump back whales, a mother and her baby. We stopped for snorkeling, swimming, and fun on the water slide. They even provided lunch! And the food is simply AMAZING. That was another great part of our stay. THE FOOD IS SO GOOD EVERYWHERE YOU GO! We also did the ATV tour. We were fortunate enough to be the only two on this tour so we got an intimate experience and learned some about Costa Rican culture. Our tour guide was amazing and we had some messy fun while riding to some gorgeous waterfalls!

    T: Can you tell us about some of the animals you saw during your stay? Which siting was your favorite?

    L&D: We saw many sloths, monkeys, and aquamarine life! Our absolute favorite were two red macaws. They flew at morning, mid-afternoon and in the evening as the sunset. I think they had a nest in the tree outside our villa. My husband and I kept joking that they were also enjoying their honeymoon. We hear they weren’t spotted too often before we were there! But we kept seeing them flying around us frequently. They were absolutely beautiful. I really miss watching them…

    T: What about the surrounding restaurants… Did you get a chance to explore any of them? Where was your favorite place to eat?

    L&D: My husband is a total foodie so we explored the local restaurants a lot. We loved the Tule Cafe. We had breakfast there almost every morning and ate there for two evenings! We really enjoyed Agua Azul which is a more local rooftop bar. We went on our last full day and wish we discovered it sooner! We had great two for one burgers after a long morning spent in the National Park! We also loved Z Gastro Bar in the marina. We went twice for dinner. Their fresh fish is nothing like we have in the states and everyone is so kind.

    T: If you could give one piece of advice for future guests at Tulemar, what would it be?

    L&D: Be prepared for a really hard goodbye. I’m sentimental and my husband always laughs at me, however, I cried leaving. Tulemar is like a home away from home. It is surrounded by luxury and natural beauty. All the staff is extremely helpful and kind. I also recommend a rain jacket! We went during rainy season and life carries on through the rain! So, bring a rain jacket and embrace the Pura Vida life style!

    T: Anything else you’d like to add about your stay in Costa Rica?

    L&D: Honestly, I was a little worried traveling to Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio is a safe destination full of beauty. You don’t feel worried traveling the streets on your own and everyone is so willing to help you! If you’re considering visiting this beautiful country, I highly recommend doing your research and picking Tulemar and Manuel Antonio. We stayed quite a long time and really wish we could come back again!

    Logan and Dennis, THANK YOU for your kind words. It was such a pleasure hosting you at Tulemar. We wish you years of happiness and bliss… and when you’re looking for an anniversary getaway, you know who to call!

    Pura Vida,


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  • mot mot hideaway terrace

    How to Make the Most of Your Vacation

    We are all about relaxation here at Tulemar, but we understand that it’s not always that easy. How familiar does the following scenario sound?:

    It’s been 1 year, 5 months, 13 days, 6 hours, 22 minutes and 17 seconds since you got back from your last vacation, and every second since then you’ve been day-dreaming about your next escape from reality.  The countdown finally ends and you board your plane to paradise, only to find out your brain won’t shut off and all you can think about is work that needs to be done, calls that need to be made, errands that need to be run, and whether or not you left the garage door open.

    We get it. We’ve been there. And we hate it too. That’s why we decided to share some of our best tips on how to fully relax and live in the moment while on your once-of-a-lifetime vacation.

    Tip #1: Digital Detox

    It’s extremely easy to fall into the trap of checking-in back home while you’re away on vacation, especially now more than ever with e-mail, texts, and video calls all at our fingertips. So, put the phone and computer away.  It truly is that easy. If you have a house or pet-sitter back home that you need to check-in with, make a plan to check-in at a set time every day and give the sitter an emergency number (perhaps a friend or neighbor) to call if anything comes up outside of that time. And as far as social media goes… If you’d like to take a photo, snap it quick and plan to edit and post it at a later time so you can fully take in your current surroundings. It may be difficult to be away from your phone the first couple of days….But, like all detoxes, it will get easier.

    Tip #2: Go Easy on the Booze

    The worst way to spend a day in paradise? Hungover.  Alcohol can take a serious toll on both your physical and mental state. If you’re prone to anxiety, alcohol can be a big trigger.  Not only will you spend your next day feeling bloated, achy, and nauseous, but your brain will be foggy and anxious as well. Don’t get us wrong, we want you to have fun and unwind… just be sure to do it moderation to avoid any adverse effects the following day!

    Tip #3: Get a Massage

    Of course a massage feels great, but did you know there are several other incredible health benefits to a good rub down? Massages help alleviate anxiety, aid digestion, improve sleep, boost immunity, and even eliminate cellulite.  Oh, hello summer body! The best part? Tulemar provides at home spa services, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your rental to reap these amazing benefits!

    We don’t know about you, but we are feeling more relaxed already.  Wishing you health, wellness, and a bon voyage!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Guest Spotlight: Lauren and Dustin Huffman

    Costa Rica is perfect for relaxation, good food, kind people, and lots of adventure, which is exactly why couple Dustin and Lauren Huffman chose to visit. Coming from the Pacific Northwest in mid-September, the couple was looking to enjoy some warmth & sunshine and wanted a resort that allowed them to completely unwind while also offering some options for adventure. We wanted to know more about their stay and get some great tips for future guests, so we sat down with Dustin and Lauren to get the 411 on their visit.

    Tulemar:  We certainly hope that Tulemar met all your expectations for a healthy mix of relaxation and adventure! You guys stayed in Mirador Escape – how did you like it?

    Dustin & Lauren: We loved it! It was the perfect size for us and we had the most amazing views!

    T: We are so happy to hear that. Who was your concierge?

    D&L: Chris Madrigal… He was amazing! He continuously tried to go above and beyond to ensure that our trip was all that we wanted and then some. He was able to get us booked on a couple of great excursions, surprised us with a bottle of champagne one evening for our anniversary, and gave us homemade brownies on our final evening there.  We really felt as though anytime we needed him he was available.

    T: That’s excellent! Our concierge team is great and they work really hard to make sure your vacation is perfect. We are so glad that you took advantage of some of our excursions. Which was your favorite?

    D&L: The waterfall tour was amazing because it allowed us to see more of the country and things outside of Tulemar. In addition, the hosts of the tour were able to provide us with a lot more insight into the culture of Cost Rica and why things work the way they do. Beyond this, simply wandering the resort was amazing: from the pool and restaurant with amazing views, to being able to walk throughout town to get anything else we wanted.  Most of the time when we travel internationally we are unable to leave the resort due to safety concerns, and this was not even a thought this time around.

    T: Sounds like you guys really got to explore a lot! We heard you also got to see a lot of wildlife during your stay. What was your favorite animal?

    D&L: We loved the titi monkeys! Having our maid come to our room and tell us that the titi moneys were right outside our residence was amazing.  There had to have been 20-30 of them in the trees playing with one another.

    T: Ahhh… the titi monkeys are so fun! Did you get a chance to explore any of the surround restaurants?

    D&L: Yes! We ate at many of the restaurants in the surrounding area. Our utmost favorite was Agua Azul for two reasons: The view and the freshness of the seafood!

    T: Yum! We love fresh seafood! Now, before we let you go, if you could give one piece of advice for future guests at Tulemar, what would it be?

    D&L: Remember bug spray! One of the most fun things to do is watch the sunset each night on your balcony, but if you do not have enough bug spray you will regret it!

    T: GREAT tip! Dustin and Lauren, it was so wonderful having you stay with us. Thank you so much for your time, and we certainly hope we see you again very soon!

    Pura Vida,


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  • 10 Reasons To Stay At Tulemar

    If you’re not quite convinced Tulemar is the right place for your next vacation, we totally get it… We’re picky too and we admire your high standards. Luckily, we are confident that we can meet and exceed those expectations of yours. Not convinced? Check out these 10 reasons why you should stay in Tulemar:

    1. The Tulemar Beach
      • Yep! We have our own beach! Not only that, but the beach is fully equipped with free lounge chairs, umbrellas, kayaks, boogie boards, towels and wait staff.
    2. Personal Concierge
      • Each rental comes with your own personal concierge who will help with all the planning and details, as well and make your dinner/activity reservations, help with grocery shopping, and assist with anything else you need on your trip!
    3. No “Hotel” Building
      • If you’re coming to the jungle, why stay in a stuffy hotel room that keeps you away from nature and wildlife? We have a unique collection of individually owned bungalows, casas, and private villas that put you right in the middle of the action!
    4. Ocean Views
      • We’ve heard that vitamin-sea is good for the soul, and we can’t agree more! That’s why our amazing hillside location allows you to have panoramic ocean views from any of our rentals.
    5. Resort Pools
      • Yep, pools with an s. We have four gorgeous pools equipped with towels, wait staff, gorgeous views, and plenty of wildlife. One is even for adults only if you’re wanting a little peace & quiet.
    6. Dining Options
      • We have a full-service restaurant plus our Beach Bar and Grill, as well as 15 incredible restaurants within 3 blocks of our front gates! Feeling like a homebody? We’re also close to the grocery store if you have a hankering to cook your own meal in your fully equipped kitchen.
    7. SLOTHS (and other wildlife)
      • We understand this doesn’t even need an explanation, but we enjoy overdelivering, so we’re going to give you one anyway. There’s a reason The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica’s research and release facility is located inside Tulemar – we have just as much, if not more, sloths and wildlife than Manuel Antonio National Park. Not only can you see sloths, but you can also see monkeys, toucans, scarlet macaws, iguanas, and other amazing wildlife daily!
    8. Nature and Hiking Trails
      • You can easily explore the flora and fauna of Manuel Antonio on any of our several hiking trails right in Tulemar. Prefer hiking in a group? Enjoy the trails during one of our daily Sloth Walks guided by The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica!
    9. Free Shuttle Service
      • Since we are located on 33 acres, we understand the thought of walking from point A to point B can be a little daunting after a long day of sun and cervezas. Luckily, we have a free shuttle service that can bring you to and from the beach, as well as anywhere else within Tulemar.

    Last but not least….

    1. We are in the heart of Manuel Antonio
      • Manuel Antonio has been recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world, and you’ll get to be right in the middle of it all! Plus, there is plenty of shopping, groceries, ATM, dining, and beaches within easy walking distance.

    Now that we have you convinced, we can’t wait to see you soon!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Wildlife In Tulemar

    There are many reasons our guests choose to stay at Tulemar. Some guests are on their honeymoon, some are looking for a family-friendly resort with lots of activity choices, and some come because they want to feel immersed in the jungle and are hoping to see lots of the Costa Rican wildlife. If the latter reason resonates with you, then you’re certainly in good company…. After all, our motto is “Where Nature Lives” for a reason!

    At Tulemar, we pride ourselves on the amount of wildlife and nature within our gates. Some people claim to see as much wildlife while staying with us than they do at the national park (of course, we still highly recommend you visit the park!). If you’re curious what to expect when staying with us, we’ve broken down a list of some of the most popular sightings. And don’t worry, we’ll have a pair of binoculars waiting for you at your home.

    Tulemar’s property contains all the flora and fauna that sloths love, which is one of the reasons The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica chose to have their Research and Release facility located within our gates. We offer a daily Sloth Walk hosted by the Sloth Institute where you can see and learn about the dozens of two-toed and three-toed sloths living inside Tulemar.

    In Manuel Antonio, there are three kinds of monkeys, all of which you can see in Tulemar! We have howler monkeys, titi monkeys, and capuchins. These little guys will love to visit you on your patio, but whatever you do, please do not feed them!

    Into bird watching? Great! Not into bird watching? You will be soon! We have over 180 species of birds in Manuel Antonio, including kiskadees, hummingbirds, toucans, and scarlet macaws. Check out this interview with honeymoon guests Logan and Dennis to find out which bird was their absolute favorite.

    We have reptiles aplenty in Tulemar, and we must admit that the lizards around here are nothing short of amazing.  They range from tiny geckos to large and colorful iguanas, which are arguably one of the most spectacular species found in Costa Rica. Not fond of scaly things? Have no fear… These guys keep to themselves, and also help keep the insects at bay!

    These are just a few of our favorite and the most common wildlife sightings, but there are many more animals to discover in Costa Rica and at Tulemar! Which animal is your favorite to see?

    Pura Vida,


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  • The Harmful Effects of the Wildlife Selfie Craze

    At Tulemar, we love social media! It helps us connect and engage with our guests, and it gives us an amazing outlet to share constant photos of adorable titi monkeys or our delicious gallo pinto lunch. But what do we love more than social media? Responsible tourism. Unfortunately, sometimes participating in that perfect Instagrammable moment causes severe harm to nature, which is big no-no in our book.

    To help explain, we have a letter from Sam Trull, Director/Co-Founder of the Sloth Institute of Costa Rica. Read on to learn how you can be a smarter and more responsible tourist…

      Recently there has been a proliferation of wildlife selfies being posted on social media sites, with Instagram alone reporting an increase of 300%. And thankfully, there has been a huge response from the global community on the harm these selfies impose on wildlife. We get that some people just don’t realize that taking selfies with wildlife is simply not only harmful but unethical.

    A recent video uncovered by the investigative work of “World Animal Protection” tells a horrific story.  Trees are being chopped down and sloths are being ripped out of trees and are passed around from tourist to tourist as if they were a toy. These sloths are wild animals and show all the signs of being in stress when taken from their environment. An average tourist thinks that the sloths’ outstretched arms are a sign of the sloths posing when in fact it means they are in high stress mode. There is no way these precious animals will survive very long in these conditions. Unfortunately, their survival isn’t important to those who are profiting from this trade. They can always go and steal another sloth from the jungle.  It’s a vicious cycle full of suffering sloths and dwindling wild populations.

    Every day wild sloths are removed from their jungle homes for no reason other than to make money off of naive tourists. People who travel from far away lands relish the opportunity to get close to and even touch a sloth!  I get it.  A well angled selfie gets many likes on social media and sloths are amazing. I work with them every single day and I never get tired of seeing their sweet faces.  I never forget the honor and privilege it is to work so closely with them.  But the only place I truly enjoy seeing them…is in the wild. The only ‘sloth selfie’ I will take is the one with my sloth necklace or a stuffed sloth.

     But there is good news. There is something you can do about it!  Just say NO to taking selfies with sloths or any wild animal on your travels. If no one is paying for this service, then it will no longer continue. And help educate your neighbor. The best wildlife photo opportunity is one where they are in their natural environment; shot from a distance. You can help save sloths just by saying no and by spreading this message. Be a responsible sloth/wildlife tourist and pledge your allegiance to this cause here:


    Here are other ways you can be a responsible sloth tourist:

    • Say no to sloth selfies. Being touched by humans creates extreme stress for sloths. Never pay to touch, hold, or take a photograph with a sloth.
    • Whisper in their presence. Loud noises are very stressful to sloths, please speak quietly in their presence.
    • Do not use flash photography when capturing a photo. Bright lights are blinding to sloths. Please take photos without using a flash.
    • Don’t loiter around them once you’ve had a good view of them. Sloths freeze when you stop nearby; move along so they can move along.
    • Do not spray bug spray or smoke near sloths. Sloths have very sensitive lungs, if you must use spray, apply away from the sloths.
    • Drive slowly and carefully. Sloths need a lot of time to cross a street. If necessary, pull over and let other vehicles know that one is crossing a street.
    • Support eco-friendly & local businesses. Sloths need trees, a healthy environment and clean water to survive. Anything you can do to help protect the planet, helps protect the sloths.

    Together we can make a difference.




    About The Sloth Institute Costa Rica:


    The mission of The Sloth Institute Costa Rica is to protect and enhance the welfare and conservation of sloths through;

    RESEARCH of captive, wild and recently released sloths including collaborations with conservationists and scientists around the world.

    EDUCATION to generate and disseminate responsible information about sloths.

    CONSERVATION programs that negate human encroachment issues impacting sloth welfare and habitat.

    TSI’s headquarters are located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. For further information, email info@theslothinstitutecostarica.org.

    You can also follow us on our Facebook page @theslothinstitute; Instagram @theslothinstitute ; Twitter at @slothinstitute

    More ways to help:

    1. Donations
    2. Shop from our Amazon Sloth Wish List
    3. Symbolically “Adopt-a-Sloth
    4. Being a responsible sloth tourist!

    Pura Vida,

    Tulemar & The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica

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  • Sibu Chocolate: International Chocolate Awards Winner

    Here in Costa Rica, we love chocolate! So much, in fact, that we used to drink it before we discovered coffee. We hold our beloved cacao beans to such a high regard that centuries ago the indigenous tribes of Central America traded them as currency, and it was just as – if not more – valuable than gold.

    Costa Rica’s lush landscape is conducive to growing amazing coffee, spices, produce, and you guessed it: chocolate. It is for this reason that we are so proud to be the exclusive retailer in Manuel Antonio for Sibu Chocolate, Costa Rica’s premier artisan chocolatier.

    Sibu Chocolate was founded by Julio Fernandez Amón and George Soriano. Their mantra? The chocolate had to be organic, it had to be made start-to-finish in Costa Rica, and most importantly, it had to be good enough to stand up to best chocolates in the world. That mantra has held true, as Sibu Chocolate is now an International Chocolate Awards prize winner.

    The International Chocolate Awards ceremony is held annually and judges companies, chocolatiers, and artisans from 16 countries and several regions of the world. This year, Sibu Chocolate took the silver medal for their apple and lemon caramel covered bonbon… Which we must admit this prize is well deserved!

    Click Here To Watch Sibu Chocolate Featured on Original Fare

    Interested in trying Sibu Chocolate? Stop by our reservations office located below Agua Azul or ask your concierge. They make the perfect gift for someone you love (even if that person is yourself)!

    Pura Vida,


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  • The Sloth Walk at Tulemar

    It’s no secret that at Tulemar, we love sloths! Not only do we love sloths, but we are passionate about their health, safety, and conservation, which is why we are proud partners with the Sloth Institute of Costa Rica. At Tulemar you can find the Sloth Institute’s release facility, and you can often find The Sloth Institute’s staff wondering the Tulemar trails looking for and studying sloths.

    If you’re reading this, we will go ahead and assume you also love sloths (welcome to the club!). And if that’s the case: you’re in luck! We offer a daily “Sloth Walk” available exclusively to Tulemar guests, and trust us, it’s just as good as it sounds. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

    Price: $15. The money goes directly to help the research, rescue, and rehabilitation of our beloved sloths.

    Time and Day: The Sloth Walk is offered every day except Tuesday. It starts at 9:00am and lasts roughly an hour and a half.

    Where to Meet: You meet your tour guide at the Tulemar reception desk and depart from there.

    Where You’ll Walk: The hike begins at the top of Tulemar, passes through trails and roads, and finishes up at the Tulemar Beach!

    During the Tour:  In a short guided hike, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter many beautiful birds, monkeys, and (of course) sloths. Not only that, but your knowledgeable guide will share awesome facts about the animals, the vegetation, and even some of the Tulemar homes!

    So, don’t forget to pack your walking shoes, because our Sloth Walk is sure to be a big hit with anyone in your family! And, if you’re looking for more ways to help The Sloth Institute, here are some great links!:

    1. Donations
    2. Shop and bring much needed supplies from our Amazon Sloth Wish List
    3. Symbolically “Adopt-a-Sloth” to help send sloths back home and to keep the wild sloths back in the rainforest!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Guest Spotlight: Jackie Medvetz and Carl Lam

    There’s a lot of things we love here at Tulemar: The beach, the jungle, good food, amazing views, and sloths (of course), just to name a few. The one thing we probably love the most, though, is our guests! Carl Lam and Jackie Medvetz are no exception. This young couple from California made Tulemar their last stop on their tour de Costa Rica, and the rave reviews of their stay have us blushing.

    Read on to hear about their visit and to get some great tips for your own stay.

    Tulemar: First off, we are SO happy you stayed with us and we got to know you! You were such wonderful guests. Do you mind telling our readers when you visited and how long you stayed?

    Jackie & Carl: My boyfriend and I visited in the beginning of the rainy season, but all we got were beautiful days with some soothing afternoon showers. Sept 25-Oct 2 were our full dates in Costa Rica and we stayed at Tulemar for our last two nights. Had we known how amazing this place was we definitely would have planned to stay longer!

    T: We are so happy to hear that you loved your stay! What home did you stay in?

    J&C: We stayed in the Bungalows (Unit 114), nestled in the jungle, on the side of a cliff, at canopy level, over-looking the ocean. These bungalows were AMAZING! I repeat AMAZING! The bungalow is mostly all windows offering panoramic views for as far as you can see, but also offers privacy because you’re surrounded by the canopy layer of the jungle. Staying at Tulemar allows you to be submersed into the jungle with all the luxuries of being in a resort. You have the option to hang at the pool, take out the free kayaks, hit the beach, or eat at the resort restaurant with, again, more breathtaking views of the jungle, ocean, and wildlife.

    T: It really sounds like you had an amazing time. If you could choose one thing about your trip that was your absolute favorite, what would it be?

    J&C: Our favorite part about our trip was our experience the last three days and two nights at Tulemar. We were completely content with animal watching at our bungalow, but the second you leave the gated community there are plenty of little shops, great restaurants, and an awesome yoga studio with ocean views, all within walking distance. This part of our trip allowed us to be completely relaxed. We had everything we needed right within Tulemar: a bar, restaurant, pool, beach, kayaks, all at our fingertips. Tulemar puts you in touch with the true beauty of Costa Rica; the nature surrounds you, the animals are everywhere, you have front row seats to the sunrises and sunsets, and then the day is topped off with some evening showers to put you to sleep.

    T: Ah, yes! The animals! Sounds like you saw a lot of them. Can you tell us about some of the animals you saw during your stay?

    J&C: We stayed in the jungle for the duration of our trip, Sept 25- Oct 2, but saw very few animals (aside from our tours) until we got to Tulemar! Let me tell you about the wildlife at Tulemar: it’s truly breathtaking! The moment we arrived at check-in we saw two howler monkeys, a sloth, and a porcupine! Once we got to our villa we had about 15 little titi monkeys jumping from our roof into the trees right outside our window. We saw monkeys every day of our stay. They hang out in the trees and are so close for viewing but pay no heed to humans. We saw about 20 of the little titi monkeys again on our last morning at Tulemar, as well as a mama monkey and her baby walking across a wire near the check in desk. We ate at the restaurant next to our bungalow and the waiter pointed out a sloth in the tree next to us. We also got to see a flock of toucans flying from one tree to another early one morning (so cool)! On the last morning of our stay we were lucky enough to see a few whales out in the ocean from our living room! There’s also tons of iguanas EVERYWHERE! The wildlife is just flourishing here and it’s oh-so-beautiful!

    T: That is so awesome! The wildlife at Tulemar is our favorite, too. Now, what about our second favorite: FOOD! Did you get a chance to explore any of the surrounding restaurants?

    J&C: There was an amazing restaurant across the street called Café Milagro. It’s low key with a great patio, yummy local plates and delicious plates native to other countries as well. We also had dinner at an awesome restaurant nearby called Emilio’s. It offers amazing views and a fun open air environment. Although we were able to eat at the surrounding restaurants, one of our favorite places was the one right at Tulemar (Tule Cafe) next to the family pool. Their ceviche was amazing, and so were the entrees and dessert. It also has an amazing view! The staff was very helpful and accommodating. Not to mention, the 2 for 1 happy hour beer special can’t be beat!

    T: All of that sounds so great! Any recommendations on what to order?

    J&C: Yes! You’re in Costa Rica, so eat the local food! For breakfast we ate a tico plate every day (don’t forget the Lizano sauce), for lunch we had the casada plate, and for dinner we typically ate some kind of fresh local fish (their red snapper is amazing). For an appetizer we recommend ordering patacones. Don’t forget dessert! The flan and flambe were our favorites!

    T: Sounds amazing! Now, to wrap up: If you could give one piece of advice for future guests at Tulemar, what would it be?

    J&C: First and foremost, definitely make sure to stay at least 4 nights at Tulemar. We stayed two nights and did not want to leave. We were just getting used to our jungle paradise! Although we had an absolutely amazing time doing the activities we did there, had we stayed a bit longer we could have taken more advantage of the free kayaks, snorkeling, and secluded beach. And just a couple more pointers: Wake up early! It’s your best bet for seeing all the wildlife in action and the opportunity to see the sun rise. Also, be sure to bring some bug spray and itch relief just in case you do get bit by bugs!

    T: GREAT pointers! Anything else you’d like to add about your stay in Costa Rica?

    J&C: Fully submersing yourself in the Costa Rican culture is like hitting the reset button. The way of life here really reflects the local saying “pura vida” or pure life. They live simply, take care of their country, and are so helpful to tourists. Visiting Costa Rica is truly a life-changing experience!

    Carl and Jackie – it was a pleasure having you stay with us. Your kind words and amazing tips are so much appreciated. We cannot wait to see you again SOON!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Where Did ‘Pura Vida’ Come From, Anyway?

    Ahhhhh pura vida! We just love that phrase, don’t you?

    If you’re not familiar, ‘pura vida’ (poo-rah vee-dah) means “the pure life” in literal translation… However, you will undoubtedly hear this phrase non-stop in Costa Rica as a term of gratitude, as a response to “how are you”, as a replacement for “you’re welcome”, or even just as a random outburst of excitement. It’s the nation’s unofficial slogan, and beyond that, it truly is a tico way of life: a Costa Rican hakuna matata, if you will.

    We must admit that pura vida sure is contagious. This got us thinking: who is to blame (or thank, rather) for giving us this Pura Vida Fever?

    One would assume that such an iconic expression must stem from a monumental event in Costa Rican history, or perhaps was the catchphrase of a beloved president from long ago.  However, that’s not quite the case…

    All signs point to a gentleman by the name of Gilberto Martinez Solares, the director of a 1956 Mexican film by the name of — what other than —  Pura Vida. The film tells a story of a luckless man who encountered countless misfortunes. Despite his negative circumstances the character would exclaim “pura vida” to keep a positive outlook on otherwise bleak situations.

    Click here to watch a clip from Pura Vida

    The film made its way to Costa Rica in the 50’s, and by the 70’s the phrase had taken popularity and was making its mark as the nation’s motto, perfectly expressing ticos’ zest for life and positive outlook on every situation.

    If you’ve ever visited Costa Rica, it’s easy to see why this idiom has gained such popularity. Down here it’s pura vida indeed. And if you’ve never visited Costa Rica… Well, what are you waiting for?!

    Pura Vida,


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  • 5 Reasons to Never Feed The Monkeys

    There just seems to be something about little monkeys that makes people want to feed them. We see it happen often, and while we completely understand wanting a group of monkeys to swarm you (hello, perfect Instagram moment), we also understand the negative impact that this has on the little guys. If you aren’t convinced, here are 5 reasons why you should never feed the monkeys:

    • You probably already know that the human hand contains A LOT of bacteria. Luckily for us, most of these bacteria have no harmful effect on us. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a monkey. When you feed the monkeys, you transfer harmful bacteria that can cause severe illness, or even death for our furry friends.
    • On the flipside, monkeys carry a lot of bacteria that can be harmful to humans. We don’t only care about our cute compadres– we care about you, too! Please keep yourself safe and healthy.
    • Feeding the monkeys can cause them to become dependent on humans and regular feeding times. If regular feeding times are not provided, the monkeys can get aggravated and aggressive towards humans. Nothing can take a moment from darling to destructive quite as quick as an angry capuchin!
    • Monkeys are very active, and need to travel an average of 10 miles a day to maintain a good physical health. Receiving human food causes the monkeys to stay in one area, which is harmful to their physical well-being.
    • It’s illegal. Do we honestly need to give you any other reason? Feeding monkeys is punishable by Costa Rican law… And something tells us your Tulemar rental is a little more cozy than a jail cell.

    So please… Help us keep our primates pleasant and in tip-top shape, and keep yourself healthy and out of trouble!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Meet Tulemar Dave

    I’m “Tulemar Dave” and I’ve been active with Trip Advisor for over 10 years now. I respond daily to every review, from every guest, on the Tulemar Bungalows and Villas site on TripAdvisor. I smile with the great reviews, and I learn from any comments made by our guests that will help improve our operations in Tulemar (although I really appreciate it when they tell me in person or via my email – lol ).

    I also provide advice and my opinions to travelers looking to spend time in the Manuel Antonio area on a range of topics from activities to restaurants to transportation.

    Years ago, one guest commented “just ask Tulemar Dave on TripAdvisor” and the name stuck. I’m actually Dave Houck. I live in Tulemar year round, and I co-own this company with my business partner, Mauricio Jara, a Costa Rican.

    I first came to Costa Rica over 20 years ago on vacation. After exploring the country during many subsequent trips, I decided that I wanted to live in Manuel Antonio, so I built a home in Tulemar and now live here as Tulemar’s only full-time resident. If you stay with us, I’ll be a neighbor!

    Every one of the accommodations in Tulemar is privately owned. These owners are our friends and neighbors. We know them and their properties well. Our reception, along with my office, is located right at the front entrance of Tulemar. We can assist throughout your entire trip: from accommodations and transportation to tours, restaurants, activities and special services. Whatever your Costa Rica vacation needs, we can make it happen!

    While you’re in Tulemar, please feel free to drop by and say “hi”!

    Pura Vida,

    Tulemar Dave

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  • What is Tulemar?

    Tulemar is a 33 acre, gated and secure, residential resort located right in the heart of Manuel Antonio. We have a collection of over 50 different, unique and individual 3★, 4★, and 5★accommodations, ranging from our rustic Bungalows to our luxurious Private Villas.

    Our properties are surrounded by jungle and the wildlife is abundant; you’ll see monkeys, sloths and exotic birds throughout the property and on our hiking trails. At the Tulemar Beach you’ll find warm, tropical waters with a sandy beach and lots of shady palm trees plus free lounge chairs, umbrellas, kayaks, boogie boards, towels and food/beverage service.

    We are not a traditional 5★ resort, an all-inclusive or a franchised hotel (with loud music playing around the pool areas and lobby). The “official hotel” operation in Tulemar refers only to the original Tulemar Bungalows, of which there are just nine. All other accommodations in Tulemar are privately owned vacation homes. Not every homeowner in Tulemar rents their home, but most do. Our company provides reservations for almost all of the homes in Tulemar and provides Concierge Service.  There are other companies that provide reservations as well to some of the accommodations. No matter which villa you rent or which company you book with, you’ll enjoy all the amenities of Tulemar!

    Our Tulemar Gardens Resort is actually managed by the Homeowner’s Association made up of the individual homeowners. Since every property is privately owned, we have several property management companies that manage the bungalows, casas and villas within. The food and beverage services at the restaurant and beach are leased to an on site operator.

    We are continually ranked among the top three properties in Manuel Antonio based upon our service, our staff and our accommodations. We are great for families, but we are also perfect (and popular) for couples!

    Watch the Tulemar Video

    Pura Vida,


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