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All Tours and Adventures are subject to the Value Added Tax (VAT) of 13%.

  • PaddleVision

    Experience the ocean after dark as it comes to life with PaddleVision’s nocturnal paddle boarding tour. You’ll head out just before sundown, so you can enjoy the magical colors of the sunset from the water. After dark is when the real adventure begins. Each stand up paddle board comes equipped with LED lights, illuminating the water around you for an experience you’ve never had and will never forget!

    Includes transportation, snack, water, and photo package of your session
    $65 per person

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  • Sloth Walk at Tulemar

    Exclusively for Tulemar guests

    The Sloth Institute Costa Rica is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the well-being and conservation of wild and captive sloths through research and education.

    Join The Sloth Institute researchers as they search for sloths at Tulemar. In a 1-2 hour guided hike, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter many beautiful birds, monkeys, and (of course) sloths. Find out more here.

    During this time of the pandemic, the schedule and daily capacity of The Sloth Walk has been reduced. Please consult your concierge for the current schedule and availability during your visit.

    • Adults, $25
    • Children 7 and under, free (attention span and lots of walking could be an issue for children)

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  • Paddleboard

    Whether a first timer or an avid paddle boarder, you will enjoy the beauty of Manuel Antonio coastline, full of rain forest and cliffs. Great exercise plus fun on the ocean or in the mangroves.

    • 3 to 3½ hour tour
    • Includes transportation, snacks, and water
    • $65 per person on the ocean
    • $75 per person in the mangrove

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  • White Water Rafting

    A full day trip (8 hours) including 3½ hours on the water with rapids of levels 2 and 3. This is a fantastic tour of one of the three rivers, very close to Manuel Antonio. You can spend a great day with professional guides enjoying the wildlife around the river and receive a big dose of adrenaline from the rapids! This tour is perfect for the beginner and for all the family too. Depending on the season, you can choose between the river and a full day or a half day tour.

    • Breakfast and lunch provided
    • $105 per person – Savegre River (All year long)
    • $99 per person – Chorro (January – April)
    • $79 per person – Naranjo River (May – December)

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  • Zip Line Canopy Safari

    Sail high above the rainforest canopy and experience Manuel Antonio’s most popular adventure sport: the Canopy zip line. This exhilarating tour was actually invented in Costa Rica. This is an adventure for people of all ages. This tour offers 18 platforms, 10 zip lines, 2 rappel lines, 1 suspension bridge, 1 “Tarzan swing”, plus the NEW SUPERMAN zip line, plus a butterfly farm, serpentarium and a fishing pond. A professional photographer captures your excitement and you can purchase a digital album of the images. Breakfast or lunch is included.
    $80 per person

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  • Surfing Classes

    If you’ve always wanted to try, would like to get a little better or are just looking for a surf buddy…

    Learning to ride the waves will give you a feeling of accomplishment you can carry with you into other aspects of your daily life. You’ll become empowered for facing new challenges when you recall that fantastic feeling of success achieved when you first stand up.

    • Private instruction
    • Times vary based on tide and surf conditions
    • Three hour lesson – $80 per person, cash only
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  • Manuel Antonio Jet Ski Tour

    Enjoy a unique 2 hour excursion on wave runners to see the sights around Manuel Antonio National Park.

    You start at the new marina in Quepos and cruise along the coast of Manuel Antonio. Then you’ll head back to the bay in front of Tulemar where you can enjoy a little snorkeling. You may get to see some fish or dolphins!

    • Tour times: 7:30 am, 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm
    • Minimum age to drive, 16 and as a passenger 6
    • $130 single – $160 double

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  • Horse Back Riding

    Leaving from the stables, you enter the tropical rainforest where you will be able to observe the natural splendors within. Arriving at a river, you will hike to a waterfall and natural pool. Here you will be able to bathe in the waterfall and pool, or simply sit and rest while listening to the relaxing sounds of the rainforest and waterfall as it cascades into the pool below.

    • breakfast or lunch included
    • 1/2 day $65 per person
    • full-day $75 per person

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  • Night Jungle Tour

    The Night Jungle Tour gives you a chance to see the nocturnal workings of the jungle with well-informed, bilingual guides.

    • Night jungle tour at 5:30pm
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Ages: 6+
    • Night jungle tour: $55 per person; $35 per child 12 and under
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  • Coastline and Snorkel Tour

    The tour is one of the most popular on the water and will give you the chance to enjoy the coast line from the Quepos marina to the Manuel Antonio National Park. You’ll then head into the deeper waters for a chance to see some of the big fish. You’ll finish the trip with a stop in the bay in front of Tulemar where you’ll enjoy snorkeling.  Manuel Antonio’s waters are peaceful quiet. It’s a great trip to enjoy the sun, sea and breathing the healthy ocean air. (This is not a party boat – ask your concierge if that is what you are interested in)

    • $95 per person
    • Morning and evening tours
    • Lunch or dinner, and drinks included
    • Snorkeling
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  • Full Day Waterfall Tour

    See it all and see it like a local. You will enjoy the ocean, jungle, beach, waterfalls, and swimming holes in this full day of adventure. The theme of this tour is “Off the Beaten Path”. You will not experience another tour like this in Costa Rica.  We pick you up and head South to some of our favorite waterfalls in the country.  We will visit 4 different waterfalls, each waterfall has a swimming hole, places to explore, areas to jump from and 1 waterfall even has a 20ft natural water slide. We will also visit our favorite beach in the area which is outlined in caves and palm trees.

    • Includes transportation, lunch, snacks, water
    • $130 per person
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  • Canyoning Tour

    Recommended for those who yawn at the easiness of a simple zipline tour, this activity is great for the physically fit! Combining 7 high-adrenaline activities in one. You’ll navigate suspension bridges, rap­pell down waterfalls, climb trees, rappell from the tree tops, and much more!

    The adventure takes place within 80 acres of protected land. You’ll feel immersed within the Costa Rican rainforest and experience its incredible biodiversity! During the adventure there will be short breaks for refreshing snacks, fruits, tea, and water. After the tour you will be served a delicious typical Costa Rican meal!

    $95 per person


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  • Manuel Antonio National Park Guided Tour

    Manuel Antonio is the most popular national park in Costa Rica and one of the most famous in the world. Its area en­com­pass­es 687 hectares (1,700 acres) of land mass and 55,000 hectares (135,905 acres) of marine reserve. The National Park contains some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. You will have an opportunity to observe with a bilingual and very professional tour guide, birds, mammals, reptiles, mangroves, primary and secondary tropical rainforest, as well as the most beautiful beaches.

    from $55 per person

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  • ATV Adventure Rides

    Drive your own quad into the rainforest and mountains in the area. Travel along the dirt roads through the countryside and small towns to a beautiful waterfall where you can swim and relax.

    • $110 for a single, $140 for a double
    • 4 hrs long
    • Includes transportation and lunch
    • 16 or older to drive (no license required)
    • Minimum age 6 years


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  • Safari Truck

    Do you want to go up to the mountains and see waterfalls, but don’t like horseback riding, nor ATVs? Then let this very unique, and very rustic 4×4 safari style pick up truck take you there. You will be picked up in a van, and transferred to their base camp, where you will enjoy a delicious Costa Rican breakfast. After, you will be taken up to the mountains in the safari truck. Hiking, waterfalls, suspended bridge, and swimming in natural pools are all part of this incredible tour. Then, enjoy a typical lunch back at their little restaurant, to finally take the van back to Tulemar. This is one of our most popular tours and really gives you the flavor of remote Costa Rica.

    $85 per person

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  • Mangrove Safari Tour

    Winding through Damas Estuary, you may see orchids, crocodiles, boas, monkeys, anteaters, and an endless array of birds that all compete and coexist in the estuary. This boat ride usually provides beautiful scenery with wildlife and the guides are experts at spotting hidden animals.

    • $70 per person
    • 4 hrs total
    • Includes: transportation and a meal

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  • Yoga Classes

    Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

    For the regular yoga practitioner, our classes allow you to maintain your routine in your temporary setting. For the uninitiated and yoga-curious, yoga is an excellent way to enhance the stress-reducing effects of vacation and to experiment with something new. You’ve already broken your regular routine, and now you can start to work in something beneficial. Not just a workout, yoga is also about working on yourself.

    • 1 hour private classes: $80, cash only (up to 6 people)
    • Private classes scheduled in your villa or around the pool
    • Public classes located a short distance from Tulemar
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  • Spanish Lessons

    Let us arrange Spanish classes for you and your family or guests!

    You can choose from a “mini program”, consisting of three, 2 hour private classes spread throughout your stay, or a full two, three or four week program designed specifically for you! Enjoy a private tutor or join a small class.

    In addition to offering excellent Spanish language programs, you will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful location within Costa Rica. Learn, play and relax in Manuel Antonio.

    We’ll be happy to tailor a program to meet your needs!

    Prices vary by service, please ask your concierge.

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  • Helicopter Tour

    There’s nothing like the bird’s-eye view this tour provides. They offer a Crocodile Tour, a City Tour and Volcano Tours. The cost can vary depending on origin and destination, but the tour is invariably unforgettable.
    from $1,200 hour

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  • Photography Classes or Portrait Session

    Learn how to get the most out of your camera while you’re here in Costa Rica!

    With picture perfect backdrops and an array of wildlife, your camera is an important part of capturing memories on your vacation. Your instructor is Sarah Yunker and your lessons include a brief tutorial on photography and how it works. You will take a hike to the Tulemar Beach to explore how to compose and create beautiful pictures. Your concierge can also help arrange for photograph sessions to commemorate your holiday. Family portraits are especially nice! To see more of Sarah’s work look at or on facebook.

    • Private lessons 2 – 3 hours
    • $85 per person, cash only
    • Contact your concierge for portrait session rates
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  • Quepos Tennis Club

    Recently completed, the Quepos Tennis Club offers visitors a great opportunity to practice their backswing in the tropical jungle. You can reserve a court by the hour, and they even offer private or group instruction at an additional cost.
    Quepos Tennis Club
    $10 per hour

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  • Fitness Near Tulemar

    For those who do not want to stop working out while on vacation, there is a fitness center within walking distance from Tulemar. It has an ocean view and newer machines.

    If you are interested in working out with the locals, there is the original gym in Quepos downtown but not within walking distance. Your concierge can provide directions and arrange transportation if needed.
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  • Cooking Classes

    If you’re looking for a great way to get to know the local cuisine, why not make it yourself?

    Costa Rica’s tropical climate is the perfect environment for growing some of the world’s best ingredients – which can be used to prepare both the local fare and a wide range of international dishes.

    This hands-on experience will be sure to top your list of vacation memories and provide you with some great new tricks and tips you can use at home. And you’ll immediately enjoy the results of your efforts by preparing the evening meal for you and your guests.

    Depending on the timing of your trip, you can also arrange to take a guided tour of the local farmer’s market to learn about all the exotic local fruits and vegetables native to the area. Come and experience Costa Rica with all 5 senses!

    • Your private villa is your classroom
    • Includes up to six people
    • 3 hour activity
    • $275 plus groceries, cash only
    • Menu selected in advance
    • Requires a reservation in a property with a full kitchen

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Warning: while all of our tour providers are qualified, safe and reputable, please be aware that some of these tours may be dangerous and do involve risk of injury and/or even death. Some tour operators may have you sign a waiver describing the risks and your rights. These tours allow you to experience Costa Rica and nature at its most exciting and are not “Disneyland” style attractions. TVHR cannot take responsibility for your safety while you are on these tours.

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