7 Reasons to Visit Tulemar After Covid-19

July 11, 2020

It’s been several months since we started our “new normal”: distancing ourselves from strangers and loved ones alike, cancelling vacations and plans that involve public spaces, and learning to enjoy a lot more time at home.

For those of us with itchy feet, it’s been a tough – albeit neccesary – learning curve. While we may not know for sure when we will be allowed to get back out there and travel again, that doesn’t stop us from daydreaming and planning! And, we hope that doesn’t stop you, either. Afterall, it will be happening eventually.

If you find yourself trying to mentally plan your first vacation back out into the real world, we strongly suggest Tulemar. Not just be because we’re biased….But because we know it’s the perfect place for a post-quarantine reset.

Need a little convincing? Here’s 7 reasons why Tulemar is the perfect place to visit after Covid-19.

  1. Private Villas – We don’t know about you, but, the thought of staying in a big hotel building with hundreds of other people just doesn’t sit well with us quite yet. At Tulemar, all our properties are private and individual….Which means you can stay completely isolated during your entire vacation if you want.
  2. Private Pools – Okay, so a private villa is nice…But you’re on vacation. You want water. Lucky for you, several of our private villas have their own private pool. This means you can splash with wreckless abandon while knowing you’re staying safe and healthy.
  3. Lush Jungle – Built on the side of a hill in the middle of the lush jungle, Tulemar is surrounded by more trees and wildlife than buildings and people. It’s basically begging for you to come stay isolated in its presence.
  4. Secluded Beach – The Tulemar beach is a beautiful secluded strip of soft sand and gentle waves. With TONS of space to spread out, you can rest assured that you can safely socially distance yourself from others while enjoying one of the best parts of Costa Rica: its beach!
  5. Personal Conceirge – Every group that stays at Tulemar is assigned a personal concierge. The concierge is responsible for everything from arranging transporation to doing your grocery shopping for you. Not interested in leaving your villa during your vacation? Lucky for you, you don’t have to! Simply let your concierge know if you need anything at all, and they will be happy to be of service to you!
  6. Private Transportation – Tulemar works with wonderful transportation companies than can safely get you to and from the San Jose airport to Tulemar in a private – and sanitized – van. With extra precautions being taken during this time, you can rest assured that your trip will be safe, easy,  and clean!
  7. Safety and Sanitary Measures – At Tulemar, we have always prided ourselves on our cleanliness and exceptional housekeeping practices…But now more than ever, we guarantee an exceptionally clean stay. To read more about our new practices, click here.

Please continue to contact us, and check out our Covid-19 updates, to learn more about Costa Rica’s travel restrictions. Once you feel safe to travel again, we will have your villa waiting for your arrival! We are more anxious than ever to see you, and we can’t wait to share paradise with you again soon.

Pura Vida,


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