Green Season in Costa Rica

July 6, 2021

Green Season Specials
We currently have green season specials running through November! You can check them out here.


One of our most frequently asked questions is “what will the weather be like while I am visiting?”.  And most often, guests will check the weather forecast and panic that it shows rain during the duration of their stay.

First, do not check the weather forecast! It almost always shows rain and is almost always wrong! Such is life in the rainforest…

Second, understanding the seasons and weather in Costa Rica can help you determine when you should visit and what you can expect while you’re here.

So let’s break it down…

Costa Rica’s Summer

December through April is Costa Rica’s summer season. You can expect clear skies, little rain (yes, even despite what your weather app is telling you!), big fluffy clouds, incredible sunsets, and warmer temperatures.

If you are hoping to avoid rainstorms, this is the perfect time for you to visit! But, keep in mind that fellow travelers are having the same thought. So, visiting during this time means more crowds and higher prices.

Costa Rica’s Winter

May through November is Costa Rica’s winter season, or, more fondly known as “green season”.

If the occasional rainstorm doesn’t bother you, we highly suggest visiting during this time, especially May through September. These months typically experience their rain in the afternoon, evening, and/or nighttime when you’re done with your activities for the day and ready to relax and enjoy dinner! An added bonus: these storms make for cooler temperatures and make all the surrounding foliage extra lush and green! It’s common to see more wildlife during this time for this reason.

If you happen to love rain or are looking to visit at a time when there are very few crowds and a lot of “green season specials” at the resorts, restaurants, and shops, October and November are the months for you! These months are typically very wet with rainstorms lasting all day. Luckily, the rain is warm and will occasionally break giving you a chance to make it to the beach.

Green Season Specials

As we’ve mentioned, the upside to a little rainy weather is the excellent deals you can find in the area. Looking for a deal in Tulemar? We currently have green season specials running through November! You can check them out here.

What Other Guests Say

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Bottom Line

While Costa Rica does have 2 seasons – one rainier than the other – at the end of the day we are still in the rain forest. You can expect pretty consistent temperatures (the mid-70s to low 90s Fahrenheit) year-round, and rain can happen any time of year. So, we always suggest packing a deck of cards or having margarita mix on hand in your villa in case the rain makes an unexpected visit during your stay! But our personal opinion? The rain just helps you relax and enjoy your lush surroundings that much more!

Pura Vida,


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