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Turtle Release in Costa Rica

November 11, 2022

A fan favorite activity in Costa Rica is attending a baby sea turtle release. And it’s no surprise! The turtles are adorable, the activity is informative, and you get to help nature while enjoying sun, surf, and sand. What’s not to love?

We recently had guests that wanted to attend a sea turtle release while visiting Tulemar, so our wonderful concierge team went to work sourcing organizations in the area offering this. They were able to locate Victor Carmona, a volunteer who started a mission to protect and help turtles in Playa Bandera, Parrita, around 1 hour away from our resort.

Victor has a non-profit organization called Tortuga Verde, Playa Bandera. He rescues baby turtle nests from areas where human or animal interference may hinder the turtles’ ability to make it to their natural habitat. He protects the nests and the hatchlings until they’re mature enough to make it to the ocean. Once the babies are old enough, he hosts gatherings where locals & visitors can come help guide the sea turtle safely into the ocean.

Our guests had an amazing time and raved about their experience with Victor. Check some of their photos out below!

Sea turtle season is typically May-December, and releases only happen when the baby turtles are ready. If this is an activity you are interested in, be sure to reach out to your concierge so they can see what is happening while you are visiting.

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