Spa Services at Tulemar

Vacation is the time to relax not only your mind, but your body. What better way than with the luxury of personal spa treatments.

All of our treatments are done in the privacy of your bungalow, casa or villa; either on the balcony, terrace, pool or indoors.

We truly believe our therapists are the best in the area. Each massage treatment is different and unique. This is not a “cruise ship” style of massage, it’s the real thing. We can also arrange a couples massage or a full “Spa Day” complete with food and beverage service.

These services can be booked in advance or we can make the arrangements once you are here; just ask your concierge.

If you would prefer to go to an actual spa, we can arrange that as well.

Deluxe Spa Services

(by our local professionals)

  • Payment by cash only directly to therapist
  • Female or male therapists available
  • Relaxation massage (1 hour) – $95
  • Deep Tissue massage (1 hour) – $105
  • Relaxation or Deep Tissue message (90 minutes) — $145
  • Facial – $100
  • Manicure and Pedicure – $100

Each of these services are subject to the Value Added Tax (VAT) of 13%.

For those “massage connoiseurs”...

Elite Spa Services

(by Todd and Cinthia)
Todd and Cinthia are Tulemar's select dynamic duo when it comes to an unforgettable massage. With decades of combined experience their tenure has been earned through experience, knowledge, and commitment to the art of body work. (Pre-booking is recommended as they have a large, local clientele) When it comes to results their touch is guaranteed. Surrounded by the wonderment of nature in Tulemar this is literally "as good as it gets."


Tulemar Heaven on Earth Package

Massages for Couples featuring aromatherapy

  • 120-minute-deep tissue massages. Heaven is here. $450
  • 90-minute-deep tissue massages. Prepare to leave planet Earth.$350
  • 60-minute-deep tissue massages. Get ready to blossom. $250



Tulemar Indulge Package:

Massages & Treatments for Individuals

  • 60 minute massage. You have earned this. $120
  • 90 minute massage. A blessing to yourself. $170
  • Facial – $130
  • Manicure and Pedicure Package – $130

Payment by cash or use your credit card 


Todd Pequeen

Todd Pequeen

Todd Pequeen pioneered the bodywork industry here in Manuel Antonio.  He was the first masseur in the area and hasn’t stopped in 23 years.  He is a graduate from the New York Institute of Massage, Nationally Certified in the USA, and with over 15,000 clients having passed through his hands you are in for a treat!  His heavy and methodic touch streamlines results and leaves his clients craving more.


Cinthia Rodriguez

Cinthia Rodriguez

Cinthia Rodriguez Campos is a “Tica” originally from Quepos.  She founded and remains the CEO of Spa Day Manuel Antonio.  She has graduated from almost every holistic therapy school here in Costa Rica and utilizes a special fusion technique which combines aromatherapy, reiki, fundamentals of chiropractic, and deep tissue strokes.  Cinthia creates her own creams and treatments depending on the needs of her clients.

Spa Day

Have a “Spa Day” at your Villa…

Let us pamper you with a fabulous “Spa Day” at your villa! Choose your treatments; massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Enjoy a special Spa Lunch; select your menu, from a casual buffet to a full service lunch and champagne, of course!

Prices will vary based upon services, menus and number of guests.