Hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ in Tulemar

March 24, 2021

You may be familiar with hidden “Easter eggs” in movies or Jeeps, but are you familiar with them at your favorite resort?

While Tulemar’s Easter eggs may not be so hidden or inconspicuous, the resort does harbor special details meant to shock and awe our beloved guests.

Some of the following Easter eggs you may have already experienced, but have you experienced them all? If not, let’s consider this your new Tulemar Bucket List!

Here are 9 Easter eggs at Tulemar that you can’t miss:

  1. Indoor Pool at Casa las Nubes

    • The beautiful Casa las Nubes pool serves as both a pool and a water feature throughout the home at the same time. Starting from outside the front door, this pool flows from the inside out to a covered open-air patio where you can see amazing ocean views. If you are a water lover, this home is likely perfect for you!
  2. Elevator at SolAngelo

    • When a home is as big as SolAngelo, it calls for an elevator! But don’t think this architectural beauty is all technology and no nature: SolAngelo drinks in its surroundings in a magical way. The elevator just makes it easier to get from floor to floor (there are 5 of them!) so you can enjoy all the views!
  3. Hidden Jungle Jacuzzi, Outdoor Shower, & Yoga Platform at SolAngelo

    • Speaking of SolAngelo, 3 guest favorites in this home are its gorgeous outdoor Jacuzzi tucked away in the jungle, its outdoor rain shower, and its spacious yoga platform – perfect for practicing by yourself or having a lesson with a private instructor. Who needs a spa retreat when all you need to care for your body is at your disposal in your rental home?
  4. Hanging Daybed at PazAmore

    • When you think of vacation, do you picture yourself relaxing on a large hanging day bed overlooking the ocean? Us too. That’s why the amazing PazAmore has just that off its luxurious master suite!
  5. Fire Pit, BBQ, and large yard at PazAmore

    • PazAmore is one of the only homes in Tulemar to have a large, private backyard. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The amazing infinity pool in the backyard also comes with a relaxing fire pit lounge and a large BBQ setup. We have a lot of amazing restaurants in Manuel Antonio, but we have a feeling you’ll be staying in for dinner a lot here.
  6. Open Air Showers at Casa del Mar & Villa Cielito

    • The large, stone, walk-in, open-air showers at Casa del Mar & Villa Cielito are luxurious & fun all at the same time. Enjoy the sounds of the surrounding nature while you wash the day away in style.

      Pro tip: Don’t forget to enjoy the cool-water Jacuzzi on your ocean-view patio, too!

  7. Ocean Views on North Beach Trail

    • If you’re hoping to get some hiking in while visiting Tulemar, you’re in luck! We have hiking trails that run through the resort property and bring you to our secluded beach. The North Beach Trail has 2 lookout points that have amazing ocean views that can’t be missed.
  8.  Waterfall on South Beach Trail

    • Hoping to see a waterfall in Costa Rica? Luckily for you, you can see one without even leaving the resort property! Just head to our South Beach Trail and enjoy the view.
  9. Abundant Wildlife Thanks to The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica

    • It’s no surprise that Tulemar is teeming with wildlife, thanks to two special committees within Tulemar dedicated to their preservation and growth: Our Nature and Wildlife Committee and our Tree Committee that helps preserve their habitat. Additionally, we have our partnership with The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica which is on-site at Tulemar. Whether you hope to see a sloth, monkey, macaw, agouti, or an iguana, you are almost guaranteed to spot it at Tulemar!

There is an entire world to explore at Tulemar, and while these are the “hidden” Easter eggs to be found, we are certain there are a plethora of other treats that are sure to “wow” you! Do you have a favorite special surprise from your trip to Tulemar? We’d love to hear it! Tell us – and share pics – at social@tulemar.com!

Pura Vida,


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