Vacation Specialists

Meet our dedicated local team of Vacation Specialists! We’re here to answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the perfect villa for your trip to paradise at Tulemar in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Fill out our Reservation Form and get in contact with our team today.

Alban Salazar

Alban Salazar Office Manager and Vacation Specialist

Alban was born and raised in San Vito, a little rural town near the border with Panama. He graduated from Universidad Nacional in hotel management. He has been living in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio for over 17 years and worked in the tourism industry for over 20 years.

He is married and the father of two beautiful girls, and he loves to spend time with family and. They all love outdoor activities and exploring new places.

He is very enthusiastic to share his love for Costa Rica and his experiences traveling all around the country.


Allie Casseday

Allie Casseday Vacation Specialist

Allie was born in San Isidro, Costa Rica but has lived most of her life in Quepos. After graduating in 2016, she decided to move back to Manuel Antonio and start her journey in the tourism industry.  She enjoys hiking, off-the-beaten-path sites, and spending time at the beach with her dogs.

Alexa Jiménez Hidalgo

Alexa Jiménez Hidalgo Vacation Specialist

Alexa was born and raised in Manuel Antonio. She is an enthusiastic reader and loves to be surrounded by nature.  Alexa has been working in customer service for the past two years and is currently studying English at university.

Nazareth Machado

Nazareth Machado Vacation Specialist

Nazareth was born and raised in the Quepos area. She’s currently studying Public Relations at university and has worked in the tourism industry since a very young age. She loves helping people to have their best experiences. In her free time she really enjoys going to the beach, exercising, and spending time with her friends and family.

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