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Tulemar Romance Package

We’re excited to announce our Tulemar Romance Package! This year’s theme is the Scarlet Macaw, these love birds are known to mate for life. Scarlet Macaws are native to Costa Rica and are abundant in Tulemar! Each year we will introduce a new theme.

This Limited Time Offer includes a Welcome Gift Basket with Tulemar branded items, a Free Sloth Walk Tour, & 10% Weekly Rate Discount. Exclusive to our One Bedroom Properties for new reservations only staying 7 nights or more.

Contact our Vacation Specialists today and we’ll guide you to set up your romantic getaway.


We May Have Additional Offers!

From time to time, we may have additional discounts or promotions. Inquire with your dates today and our vacation specialists will inform you of any special offers for your requested dates.

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Terms, Conditions, and Cancellations

1. Reservations are not confirmed until your deposit or payment has been received.

2. All properties in Tulemar are individually owned and the proceeds of each rental go directly to that owner in order for them to pay their monthly expenses. Once a property is reserved it is removed from the availability calendar and that owner no longer has the ability to rent the property. All rental payments are non-refundable and non-transferable to other properties. This policy is strictly adhered to and we do not have the ability to make exceptions, even in difficult situations. The renter understands and accepts the risk of Force Majeure (including Covid-19) as their sole risk. Travel insurance is advisable, either through our site or another provider. Once your reservation is complete, please refer to your confirmation email for a link to our recommended travel insurance provider.

If you must change your reservation to a future time for any reason, no matter what it may be, as long as your reservation is paid in full and you provide more than a 60 day notice, then your reservation can be changed and postponed for up to 24 months from your date of arrival with no change or cancellation fee. Guests that change their current reservation will be issued a credit towards their future stay in the amount that was paid but can ONLY be used in the same property that was reserved. We are not able to issue refunds.

If you must change your reservation to a future time for any reason, no matter what it may be and there are less than 60 days to arrival, we will not be able to move your reservation to a future date nor can we refund any payments you have made.

This policy is strictly adhered to and we do not have the ability to make exceptions, even in difficult situations. The renter understands and accepts the risk of Force Majeure (including Covid-19) as their sole risk. Travel insurance is advisable, either through our site or another provider.

3. Please check the expiration dates on your passports. The Costa Rica government requirement related to passport expiration date is subject to change. You can find the latest information here. We encourage our guests to have an expiration date more than six months from your arrival date just to be on the safe side.

4. If you are arriving into Costa Rica from certain countries (typically South America and/or sub-Saharan Africa, a yellow fever vaccination is required. You can find the latest information here.

5. WAIVER - DISCLAIMER: Tulemar, LLC, a Florida Corporation, hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY, will not assume any and all kind of liability as a result of: a.) the services that the providers offer to clients; b.) the reservations that the COMPANY books for clients, such as, but not limited to, booking of tours and activities, restaurants, hotel and rental accommodations, and/or ground and air transportation, as well as any other service that the client requests booking of; c.) the Tulemar Condominio (resort) including all accommodations, offices and restaurants, common areas, roadways, hiking trails, beach (including the use of beach equipment such as kayaks, boogie boards, lounge chairs, umbrellas, etc.), and shuttle vans; d.) any injury or damage (including death) that may result from all points aforementioned. The COMPANY acknowledges that all of its providers are qualified for their safety, professionalism, and reputation, but they offer services that may become dangerous and do involve some type of risk related to injury, damage, and/or even death. Additionally, the client acknowledges that all bookings performed by the COMPANY are executed, following instructions of the client and those services that are booked are of good reputation and quality to the best knowledge of the COMPANY. The purpose of the tours offered by the providers and the services booked by the COMPANY, is to allow the client to explore, discover, enjoy, and experience Costa Rica and its nature. However, this does not eliminate the possibility that the client may suffer or become a victim of any kind of accident, which cannot be foreseen by the COMPANY. The COMPANY cannot take responsibility for the safety of the clients while they are enjoying such tours or services. The above waiver includes: a.) The COMPANY; b.) The COMPANY’s employees, advisors, representatives, officers, and/or shareholders; c.) Any and all corporations related to the COMPANY; d.) The employees, advisors, representatives, officers, and/or shareholders of all corporations described or included in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS; e.) Any and all corporations in which the COMPANY’S employees, advisors, representatives, officers, and/or shareholders, are in turn, employees, advisors, representatives, officers, and/or shareholders.

6. Drones are not allowed anywhere in Tulemar. The General Director of Civil Aviation of Costa Rica, who regulates drones, states drones are not allowed within 8 km of a civil airport and Tulemar is within 8 km of the local Quepos Airport. Their policy also protects the privacy rights of our homeowners and visitors. Tulemar is also committed to protecting all forms of wildlife within the resort and feels that drones may be a threat to birds and other tree dwellers. Thank you for understanding.

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