Meet Ashley & Brian: Two New Sloths at Tulemar!

May 15, 2021

If you’re hoping to see a sloth in Costa Rica, your chances are high at Tulemar. Because of our amazing partnership with The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica, there are sloths aplenty within our resort gates.

Two of the newest residents are an adorable mother-and-baby-two-fingered sloth duo named Ashley and Brian.

Ashley has actually resided within Tulemar for quite some time. She has been seen with her new babies over the years, but she and Brian have been spotted frequently in the same area: a beautiful mango tree right outside Tulemar Dave’s home next to Casa de Frutas.

Typically all the named sloths within Tulemar come from The Sloth Institute as rehabilitated and released wild sloths. Luckily, these wild sloths have never needed help from The Sloth Institute, but because they were spotted so frequently in the same area, the staff decided to have some fun and name them after two of Tulemar’s superstar concierges!

While Ashley & Brian have never needed help from the Sloth Institute, they did have a close encounter with a recently released sloth: L’il Sebastian. L’il Sebastian decided Tulemar Dave’s mango tree was also his favorite spot to hang out. One day he had to crawl over Ashley to get to another part of the tree and she attacked him to protect her baby. Luckily, no sloths were injured, but it was a great lesson for the newly rehabilitated L’il Sebastian to learn as he is getting reacquainted with the wild!

If you’re hoping to learn more about and see sloths like Ashley, Brian, and L’il Sebastian, we highly recommend The Sloth Walk offered exclusively to Tulemar guests. And of course, remember to always “look up” while walking around the property!

Pura Vida,




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