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  • How To Make Tulemar’s Famous Pineapple Edible Art

    Summertime is here, which means it’s time for backyard bar-b-ques, parties by the pool, and gatherings with friends. Looking for the perfect party treat? We’ve broken down how to make our famous edible pineapple art so you can be the hostess with the mostest this season.

    First, check out this amazing video of Anthony, our “do-it-all” man, creating this masterpiece!

    Step 1.) Clean your prep area & wash your hands

    Step 2.) Cut approximately 3 inches off the top of the pineapple, remove the skin from the fruit and shape the fruit into a ball

    Step 3.) Using a knife, remove the bottom leaves of the crown

    Step 4.) Remove all the fruit from the inside of the pineapple body and dice into 1×1 inch cubes

    Step 5.) Place the cubed fruit back into the hollowed pineapple body

    Step 6.) Cut a small piece of carrot in the shape of a bird beak and attach to the fruit ball of the crown using a toothpick

    Step 7.) Use googly eyes, felt balls, or beads from a craft store to create eyes on each side of the carrot beak

    Step 8.) Rest the bird on the side of the pineapple body using the leaves or toothpicks for support

    Step 9.) Impress all your family and friends with your culinary creativity!

    We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to send your photos of your edible art to us on Facebook, Instagram, or at social@tulemar.com.

    Pura Vida,


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  • Tips for Visiting the Manuel Antonio National Park

    The Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most popular attractions in Costa Rica and it hosts hundreds of tourists every day. If you’re considering visiting the park there are several options for your tour, and we know that can be a little overwhelming! We are here to break down your options so you can make an informed decision on the best choice for you and your family.

    First, you can choose to walk through the park by yourself, or you can hire a guide to help you spot wildlife and to educate you on the area. Your guide can either do a private tour, or you can join a small group tour. If you choose to hire a guide, this can easily be arranged by your concierge, or you are welcome to find a guide on your own via the national park website, referral, or other platform.

    We recommend hiring a guide for your first tour as you will see and learn more than without one. Each guide carries a state-of-the-art telescope so when wildlife is spotted they can get you a clear view! They’re also trained professionals at finding wildlife that is easily missed by an untrained eye. Interested in seeing a sleeping bat, a baby lizard, or a hardworking caterpillar? Your guide can spot it all and give you a front row seat to the action.

    If you’re not interested in hiring a guide you can still enjoy the park without one. It’s still likely that you’ll see monkeys, lizards, sloths, and other wildlife during your hike. You can enjoy the park’s gorgeous surroundings and your walk will end at three stunning beaches that are exclusive to park goers, so be sure to wear your suit and pack a beach towel!

    Whether or not you hire a guide, your concierge can arrange transportation to the park for you. Your transportation will drop you off at the ticket booth right at the entrance of the park. However, if you choose to drive your own car or take the bus, we warn you that the process may be a little more chaotic and overwhelming. Expect to see many “officials” in bright vests and caps signaling for you to park in specific areas or purchase tickets from them. While they may look official, know that they are not official park attendants. You can simply tell them “no thank you” and follow the signs and crowds to the parking area and ticket booth. If at any time you feel harassed by someone claiming to work for the park, it’s likely they don’t, so same rules apply!

    A few additional things to remember:

    1. They do not sell anything inside the park. Sodas and waters are permitted (no alcoholic drinks), and you may bring packed sandwiches or pre-cut fruit. This is to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.
    2. Bring sunscreen, as well as your swim suit and towel if you plan to stay at the beach.
    3. The entrance fee is $16 for everyone 12 years of age and older; children 11 and younger are  free. Cash or Visa cards are accepted.
    4. The park closed on Mondays and is open from 7AM – 4PM every other day.

    Any other questions? Your concierge can help you with anything you need! We hope you have a wonderful visit to the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park.

    Pura Vida,


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  • Virtual Home Tour: Villa Mot Mot

    It’s summer break, which means it’s the season of sun, fun, and family vacations! You may already know that Tulemar is the ultimate place to make your family memories… After all, we have a private beach, 4 pools, tons of family friendly activities, plus a personal concierge to alleviate any of the stress that is inevitable during a family getaway. But, what about the stress of choosing the perfect home for your family to stay in? We are here to alleviate that for you as well! Meet Villa Mot Mot….

    Villa Mot Mot is the most popular one bedroom family villa in Tulemar for a number of reasons. It may only be one bedroom, but it can sleep up to 5 people with the help of a trundle bed in the living room (perfect for the little ones!).  The design of Villa Mot Mot has families in mind: a bedroom with 2 queen beds, the trundle in the living room, and a spacious bathroom that connects the two rooms is ideal for a family that values a little more space than what is offered at your standard hotel. The best part? It’s large balcony has a fully furnished living room, dining area, hammock, & bar-b-que! Just imagine mom lounging in the hammock reading a good book while dad grills burgers and the kids play cards at the table. Perfect family memory? We think so!

    Hoping to get some great views of the ocean during your stay in Manuel Antonio? Lucky for you, Villa Mot Mot has inspiring ocean views from the balcony. You may never want to leave your villa!

    Have family friends, aunts and uncles, or grandparents that want to join the fun? Below Villa Mot Mot is the equally as beautiful Mot Mot Hideaway. It has its own private entrance and sleeps 2 people, so any tag-a-longs have a private place to stay without sacrificing proximity!

    Summer won’t be here forever… Check out Villa Mot Mot and start making the best family memories of your life.

    Pura Vida,


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  • The Return of Scarlet Macaws to Manuel Antonio

    If you have ever visited Manuel Antonio, you are probably no stranger to the loud and majestic scarlet macaws. With the wing span of nearly 5 feet and a squawk that can’t be ignored, these birds are great at demanding attention and drawing a crowd. If you’ve never experienced seeing scarlet macaws in the wild, you’ll be sure to be in for a treat when visiting Tulemar… They make their rounds every day around the property, and we are confident it won’t be long before they’re one of your favorite animals in Costa Rica!

    We absolutely love having the scarlet macaws around, but did you know they haven’t always been here? It was only a few years ago that these incredible creatures were reintroduced to their habitat in Manuel Antonio after capture and deforestation caused them to go nearly extinct. Thanks to the conservation organization, The Ara Project, previously captive scarlet macaws have been released into the wild in Manuel Antonio and other southern Costa Rican towns. Thanks to The Ara Project, there are a couple dozen scarlet macaws in Manuel Antonio, and they’re never ones to shy away from putting on a show!

    Here is a little history of The Ara Project and the reintroduction of scarlet macaws in Costa Rica, taken from thearaproject.org:

    Over 30 years ago Margot and Richard Frisius were inspired to settle in Rio Segundo de Alajuela, Costa Rica after travelling the world over many years. There they established a conservation center for parrots, Amigos de las Aves, to help stop the alarming decline of these magnificent birds in Costa Rica.

    Over time, confiscated macaws were donated to the center by MINAE (Ministry of Environment and Energy) and from other private donors who had unwanted pets.  Many of the birds were in poor condition and heavily imprinted on humans.  Although these birds were unsuitable to release to the wild, they were rehabilitated and given the opportunity to reproduce, with the hope that their offspring could return to the wild and fly free.

    Macaw numbers worldwide have been plummeting for many years and Costa Rica is no different. Formerly present over 85% of the country (Forbes 2005) there are now two main isolated populations of Scarlet Macaws remaining in Costa Rica, the largest occurring in the Osa Conservation Area (ACOSA) with an estimated population of 800-1200 individuals and between 400-450 individuals in the Central Pacific Conservation Area (ACOPAC) (Dear 2010). Numbers of Great Green Macaws have recovered slightly in recent years because of intensive conservation efforts, although there were still only an estimated 290 individuals left in 2009 (Chassot et al) There are believed to be only 25 to 35 breeding pairs left in the country, with worldwide numbers less than 1000 individuals. Both are CITES Appendix 1 species.

    The project continued for many years and the collection of birds grew. Sadly, Margo Frisius passed away in 2008 at age 87, leaving Richard, in his 90s, alone to run the project. Around that time he decided it was time for someone else to continue the work, prompting the beginning of the Ara Project. When Richard passed away in 2010 the birds were placed in the care of the Beruite family and other collaborators, who had an ongoing association with the birds and could ensure the birds’ long-term well-being.

    Starting in the late 1990s the release of captive-raised macaws was initiated by the project’s collaborators, and several releases were carried out over the course of the following decade. The first releases of Scarlet Macaw started in Northern Costa Rica, in Palo Verde region, and at the Curu Wildlife Refuge on the southern end of Nicoya Peninsula. Many of the released birds survived and active nesting was documented in July of 2004. Although administrative challenges and high rates of poaching in the area ended Ara’s involvement, as of 2006, the population consisted of 11 macaws, including 9 adults and 2 juveniles fledged in 2004, 5 years after release.

    Subsequent releases were undertaken on several occasions in the Osa Conservation Area, and where community outreach was given high priority. There, dozens of released Scarlet Macaws have continued to thrive and the population has begun to grow. Most recently releases have been initiated in the Punta Islita area, where a growing population of the birds has also been established.

    Reintroduction efforts for the Great Green Macaw was initiated on the South Caribbean region of Costa Rica in 2011, and continues to date with several dozen birds now living successfully in the wild.

    Hoping to see some scarlet macaws while visiting Tulemar? Have no fear! These birds make an appearance nearly every day.

    Pura Vida,


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  • The History Of Quepos & Manuel Antonio

    At the bottom of the hill that Manuel Antonio rests on, you will find the small but lively town of Quepos. This is the town that is home of Marina Pez Vela, a buzzing farmer’s market, a beautiful and well-loved Catholic church, and dozens of shops and restaurants. While Quepos and Manuel Antonio are now the home to many expats & locals – and draw thousands of tourists in annually – it hasn’t always been that way.

    Quepos has experienced waves of hardships, change, and adaptation. Its name originated from the indigenous Quepoa Indian tribe which originally inhabited the area in the 1500s. However, by the end of the 19th century, the Quepoa tribe had unfortunately been nearly wiped out by disease, warfare, and slavery during Spanish colonization.

    As Spanish settlers made Quepos their home, they cultivated the Costa Rican soil and used the land for banana plantations, which supported the area’s economy for years. In the mid-1950’s, natural disasters and disease destroyed the banana plantations, which forced farmers to switch from bananas to palm oil as a main export. To this day, you will see acres of palm farms on your drive into Quepos!

    While palm oil is still a prominent export for the area, Quepos & Manuel Antonio took a turn towards tourism in 1972 when the Manuel Antonio National Park was established. This bio-diverse park drew attention to the area and spiked the interest of avid travelers. To accommodate these new tourists, by 1980 Manuel Antonio had some rustic cabinas, a few luxury villas, a beachfront bar, and the restaurant El Barba Roja, which can still be visited to this day right next to Tulemar!

    By the 1990’s, gay men were one of the cutting edge groups to move into the Manuel Antonio area and helped to develop the town into one of the country’s hottest destinations. This was the small spark that lit the fire of expats and tourists flocking to the area. This uprising has molded the area into what it is today: a bustling destination for adventure tourists, eco-tourists, surfers, sports fishermen, families, and of course, local ticos who take pride in their resilient town.

    If you’re looking for a place rich in history and full of breathtaking bio-diversity, Quepos/Manuel Antonio is the perfect destination for your travels!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Tulemar Romantic Getaway Giveaway

    There is nothing more important to us than our guests, and to show some appreciation we are giving away a free 4-night stay for 2 in our luxurious Bamboo Villas.

    Not familiar with the Bamboo Villas? Check out the video of them here.

    Our contest will run from June 15-July 1st, 2018. On July 2nd we will choose a lucky winner who will be treated to a 4-night stay with a guest between Sept-Nov 2018 or 2019.

    Want to enter? Just fill out the entry form here! Don’t forget to also follow us on Facebook and Instagram  so you don’t miss any future contests!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Video Tour of Tulemar’s Bamboo Villas

    Tulemar’s Bamboo Villas are absolutely perfect for romantic getaways, honeymoons, or even just a solo adventure. They have three stories, endless views, and guarantee plenty of wildlife sightings. There are countless details that make these villas extra special, including their open air concept, private infinity pool, modern and sleek design, and their personal concierge, Brian! We didn’t feel that photos did them justice, so we created a video tour for you to get the full experience of how luxurious and romantic these villas are… So, take a few minutes to share the views with us, and to meet the Bamboo Villas’ very own, Brian!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Take the Quiz! Which Activity Should You Book?

    Costa Rica has a lot to offer, which is why it’s such a popular tourist destination for people all over the world. If you’re looking to relax, explore, have an adventure, or learn something new, you’re in the right place! But, what if you’re limited on time and can’t decide the best way to spend your days in Costa Rica? You’re in luck! We’ve created a (very scientific) quiz to direct you to the perfect activity to book during your stay.

     Are you a morning person or night owl?

    1. Night owl all the way!
    2. The mornings are my favorite.
    3. Neither! I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

    What’s your favorite drink?

    1. A glow-in-the-dark cocktail.
    2. An iced latte.
    3. Red Bull.

    Which shoes do you have to pack when going on vacation?

    1. I don’t worry about shoes! I prefer being barefoot.
    2. Vegan sneakers.
    3. I don’t care as long as they’re comfy while on-the-go.

    What’s your spirit animal?

    1. A dolphin.
    2. A sloth.
    3. A scarlet macaw.

    What’s your ideal date?

    1. A canoe ride at sunset.
    2. The zoo.
    3. Roller blading through the park.

    If you answered mostly #1…

    You come alive in the evening and love the ocean! We suggest booking a nocturnal paddle boarding tour with PaddleVision. PaddleVision offers the only nighttime stand-up paddle boarding tours in Manuel Antonio, where you can experience the ocean after dark. You’ll head out before sunset so you can enjoy the magical colors of the sun on the water, and then you’ll paddle in after dark as the LED lights on your board light up the ocean. This is an adventure you won’t want to miss, and it’s sure to be an experience you’ll never forget!

    Includes transportation, snack, water, and photo package of your session
    $65 per person

    If you answered mostly #2…

    You love the mornings, and prefer living life at a nice leisurely pace. We suggest booking The Tulemar Sloth Walk with The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica! This is the perfect tour for the whole family. In an hour and a half guided walk through Tulemar, you will join Sloth Institute researchers as they spot sloths, monkeys, birds, and other wildlife found in Costa Rica. You will have an opportunity to learn about the animals, as well as learn about The Sloth Institute’s mission.

    Offered daily at 9:00 AM (except Tuesdays), Mondays & Wednesdays also at 3:00 PM
    $18 per person
    Children 7 and under are free

    If you answered mostly #3…

    You have an adventurous soul and you get restless if you’re not on the move! We suggest booking a zipline tour with Canopy Safari! During your zipline tour you will sail through the canopy like Tarzan as you take in the sights and sounds of the jungle. This exhilarating activity was invented in Costa Rica, and at Canopy Safari you have a variety of ziplines, platforms, and styles to choose from to make sure you get the most out of your tour. Each tour includes breakfast and lunch, and you will have an option to purchase digital photos of your exciting day.

    $85 per person

    If you’re thinking you may prefer a different activity, don’t worry! We have dozens to choose from…. Check out the list here. If you have any questions or want to book something ASAP, just reach out to your concierge and they will get everything taken care of for you. Enjoy!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Sneak Peak in PazAmoré: Tulemar’s Newest Villa

    PazAmoré is Tulemar’s newest villa, and is a dream for anyone looking for modern architecture, unique layout, or even just private and luxurious accommodations within the jungle. Homeowners Glen and Jules built PazAmoré – which means “peace and love” – with three distinct design directions: it must be modern, it must be sexy, and it must be tropical. We are here to vouch that this home is indeed modern, sexy, and tropical!

    This stunning home is three stories tall, and has 3 private air conditioned suites and 4 full baths. The living space of the home is spacious and open air, and each room has ocean views that will take your breath away. Wanting to enjoy some time outside? PazAmoré has a beautiful infinity pool and outdoor seating area complete with a BBQ grill, iron griddle, fire pit, mini fridge, and sink.

    While the design of this home is guaranteed to impress, we believe the magic is in the details. PazAmoré’s homeowners had all furnishings custom-made by a local craftsman, handpicked decorations from their international travels, chose a granite kitchen counter top that encompasses the jungle vibes of Costa Rica, and have created this home from the ground up to be the perfect modern escape.

    One of the most impressive aspects of PazAmoré is the master bedroom suite. The floor to ceiling windows on two of the walls open up to balcony that has incredible ocean views. Plus, there is a full sized lounge swing next to the bed if you’re wanting some extra space to relax while you look out over the jungle! The master bathroom has a walk-in shower that contains a stunning stone bathtub, and floor to ceiling tinted windows so you can soak in the views of the treetops and ocean while you bathe.

    Wanting to bring a bigger group? PazAmoré can accommodate 8-10 people, and there is a king sized day bed in the living room for any extra people who will undoubtedly want to join you on your getaway.

    For more information and to book this home, visit the PazAmoré page.

    Pura Vida,


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  • 4 Things That Make Tulemar Special

    We know you have a lot of choices when planning a vacation. Where to visit? Where to stay? When to go? What to do? We also know that with so many incredible options, you really can’t go wrong with anything you choose. We aren’t here to tell you why we are better than anywhere else, but we do want to tell you what makes us different so you know why choosing Tulemar will make your vacation extra special.

    1. Our Homeowners

      You probably already know that we put love into everything we do, but did you know there is also an added layer of love inside Tulemar? That added layer is our homeowners! Each one of our 50+ villas, casas, and bungalows are individually owned by people who put love into the home by providing unique decorations and special touches. This means that you get all the perks of staying at a luxury resort while also receiving the experience and charm that comes with staying in an AirBnb or VRBO. That’s a pretty irresistible win/win in our book!

    2. Our Concierge Team

      They’re energetic, they’re friendly, they’re eager, and more than likely you’ll view them as part of the family by the end of your trip.  You’ll be introduced virtually to your concierge as soon as you book your stay with Tulemar. From there, your concierge will hold your hand through all your trip planning and your stay to ensure that anything you need is taken care of promptly. Want to plan an activity? Your concierge can handle that! Need to know where to eat the freshest seafood? The concierge will make you a reservation and arrange transportation. Not only will they help you with any of your needs, but they also go the extra mile to make your trip special. Guests often receive little surprises from their concierge throughout their stay, because we truly believe each guest is VIP.

    3. Our Location

      There is good reason that Costa Rica consistently tops the charts as one of the best places to visit. It has an abundance of exotic wildlife, stunning mountain ranges, award-winning beaches and national parks, picturesque waterfalls, and thick jungles with a wealth of flora that make you feel like you’ve been transported into Jurassic Park.One of the jewels of this incredible country is Manuel Antonio: Home of the famous Manuel Antonio National Park. Tulemar has been thoughtfully built a short 5-minute ride from the National Park, and is situated on a hillside overlooking the ocean among dense jungle crawling with wildlife.  Inside the Tulemar gates you have a variety of amenities, including 4 pools, a restaurant, and a private beach; Plus, our central location makes it a breeze to access anything in Manuel Antonio you want!

    4. The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica

      Nature conservation is extremely important to us at Tulemar, which is why a partnership with The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica – which is dedicated to the research, education, and conservation of sloth welfare and habitat – seemed perfect for us. Nestled inside the Tulemar gates is the Sloth Institute’s Research and Release facility. While the facility is not open to the public, Tulemar guests can enjoy daily “Sloth Walks” with a Sloth Institute employee. Plus, the ongoing research and conservation that The Sloth Institute brings to the area means that wildlife is abundant! Hoping to see monkeys, birds, and lizards during your stay? You’re guaranteed to see them at our resort!

    If you need more convincing, browse the rest of our site to see all we offer! We are really looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Pura Vida,


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  • The Manuel Antonio National Park

    It’d be a shame to visit Manuel Antonio and not visit the stunning Manuel Antonio National Park. It is one of the smallest national parks in the country, however, it is one of the most visited due to its large variety of flora and fauna. The park is only 683 hectares, and it contains various jungle hiking trails, a waterfall, and 4 white sand beaches perfect for cooling off and relaxing after a long day of exploring. Plus, at $16 per person to enter, it’s affordable and easy to have a day full of fun and education!

    With the establishment of Manuel Antonio National Park in 1972, the people of Costa Rica decided to preserve, for future generations, one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse areas in the world. Although it is the country’s smallest national park, the stunning beauty and diversity of wildlife in its 683 hectares is unequaled.


    A wonderful option for exploring the park more in depth is by doing a guided tour. We highly encourage this option, as the guides are incredibly knowledgeable and will educate you on Costa Rica wildlife and its conservation. They also have an extremely good eye! The guides will spot sloths, monkeys, and iguanas, but beyond that they will also find tiny tree frogs, crabs, caterpillars, bats, and more, all which are very difficult to spot with the naked eye. With their telescope you can easily see the animals up close, and the guides will even snap a photo for you through the lens, so you can look like a professional nature photographer to your friends back home… In fact, the photo used in our thumbnail was shot with an iPhone through the telescope lens!

    Are you more into plants than you are animals? The rich diversity of vegetation in the park will give you lots to explore. Your guide will educate you on the flora, point out interesting features, and allow you to smell – and sometimes even taste – various species!

    The park has many trails, including a handicap accessible trail. The trails lead through the jungle and ultimately end up at numerous white sand beaches that are perfectly nestled in coves, so they have minimal waves and are clean and beautiful.  The tour of the park can take anywhere from 2-3 hours, and you can spend the rest of the day relaxing and catching some rays, or you can leave the park and head on to your next activity. If you’re in a hurry (although we don’t recommend you are), you can easily walk through the park in 15-30 minutes!

    This is a day activity we strongly suggest, and one we are certain you will enjoy.

    Pura Vida,


    *Park hours are 7am-4pm, and the park is closed on Mondays

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  • 10 Tips For Flying With Kids

    There is no better way to create family memories than by traveling together. Unfortunately, the thought of flying with young children can be daunting, and often times deters families from even trying. Luckily, we have some tips to make sure your family flight is a success. So, go ahead and book that dream vacation… The flight is going to be a breeze.

    • Show up early
      • Keep yourself, and the kids, calm by avoiding the stress that can occur by rushing through the airport. Getting through the airport as a family takes a lot more time than traveling solo, so be sure to budget plenty of time. For an international trip, we recommend arriving three hours early, and for a domestic flight we recommend arriving two hours early.
    • Dress Comfortably
      • Be sure your children are in comfortable, breathable clothing with minimal layers or accessories that can easily be lost while getting through an airport. This will keep them from fussing with their clothing, and it will allow you to have less to keep track of!
    • Book a Window Seat
      • Kids are often fascinated with watching the airplane take off and land. Buy yourself an extra 30 minutes of entertainment by placing your kid next to the window so he/she can enjoy the view!
    • Pack a Light Blanket
      • As we all know, airplanes can get chilly. Pack a blanket or sweater for your child to keep them from getting fussy over the temperature.
    • Come Prepared with Games
      • Be prepared with a few airplane friendly games for when your child starts getting restless. Coloring books, etch-a-sketch, mazes, mad-libs, and games with magnetic pieces are all great for airplanes!
    • Be Fully Charged & Downloaded
      • If you’d like to give your child a phone, iPad, or tablet for them to watch shows and play games on while traveling, be sure your device is fully charged and that any show they want to watch is fully downloaded.
    • Pack Headphones
      • The one thing worse than having a dead iPad? Having a fully charged one with no way to listen to the sound!
    • Pack the Necessities
      • Consider packing a few snacks, baby formula, medications, extra diapers, pacifiers, and a change of clothes.
    • Don’t Forget Teddy
      • Does your child have a favorite teddy or security blanket? Be sure these items are in your carry on to avoid a meltdown mid-flight!
    • Avoid Ear Discomfort
      • Children’s ears are extra sensitive to in-flight pressure. Consider giving your little one children’s Tylenol 30 minutes before your flight and having hard candy, gum, or a pacifier on hand to help alleviate pressure and keep your child comfortable and happy.
        *As always, consult with a doctor before administering any over-the-counter medicine to your child.

    Pura Vida,


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  • What’s the Weather Like in Manuel Antonio?

    The first thing most people ask when planning a trip to Costa Rica is “What will the weather be like?” or “What’s the best time to visit for perfect weather?”.

    These are excellent questions; however, they aren’t that simple to answer.

    Let’s start with question #1: “What will the weather be like?”. Typically, it’s safe to say that Costa Rica will be hot and humid. However, Costa Rica is made up of many micro-climates that make predicting weather here difficult! Most people want to avoid rainstorms during their visit as much as possible, but sometimes weathering a storm is inevitable – we are in the rainforest, after all! In fact, if you try looking up weather forecasts for Costa Rica, they most often will always show rain – but don’t let this deter you. We’ve learned to take those forecasts with a grain (or less) of salt!

    Now let’s tackle question #2: “What’s the best time to visit for perfect weather?”. Technically speaking, Costa Rica does have a dry season and a rainy season. The dry season (also known as our summer) is December-April. During these months, it’s typical to not see as much rain and have sunny blue skies and hot temperatures. On occasion you may have a rain shower to cool things off, but it’s not quite as often as during rainy season.

    The rainy season (also known as our winter) is May through November. During this time you’ll see heavier and more frequent rain and thunderstorms. Typically, however, these storms happen in the afternoon and evening after the day’s festivities are done! While many people hear “rainy season” and immediately write off visiting during this time, there are a lot of upsides to planning your trip during rainy season. For one, there are a lot less tourists, so you can experience less crowded beaches, activities, and restaurants! Plus, the rain keeps things cool and green, and it can be very peaceful and relaxing. If you’re adamant about avoiding rain, we highly recommend not visiting during October and November, as these are the wettest months of the year!

    Whether you’re looking for rain or shine, we know one thing is for sure: fun is in your forecast! We’ll have an umbrella waiting for you just in case.

    Pura Vida,


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  • Tulemar Beach Wins Award for 11th Year in a Row

    It’s no secret that Costa Rica has been blessed with some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the world. It’s lush landscapes and vast picturesque coastlines make Costa Rica a top destination for tourists and gives the locals a lot to be proud of.  That’s why Costa Rica has several programs in place meant to serve and protect the environment to ensure that locals and tourists alike can enjoy the country’s natural gifts for years to come.

    A perfect example is the Blue Flag Ecological Program (Bandera Azul Ecológic). The program is meant to protect the nation’s coastal ecosystems, prevent beach pollution, and honor those who are doing their part to keep Costa Rica a top destination in ecotourism.

    Every year, the Blue Flag Ecological Program grants a prestigious award and certification to beaches that score a minimum of 90% in categories including water quality, coastal sanitation, tourist safety, beach access to garbage containers, drinking water quality, signage, amongst others. Beaches who win the award are monitored monthly to ensure their efforts are being sustained throughout the year.

    At Tulemar, we consistently play our part in ensuring we keep Mother Earth clean and protected, and we are thrilled to announce that our efforts have contributed to our 11th annual Blue Flag Program award and certification! This means that the Tulemar Beach is recognized as one of the top beaches in Costa Rica for its cleanliness and ongoing sustainability.

    Have you been to the Tulemar Beach yet? If not, come see what makes this place so wonderful!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Better Than Room Service: Private Chefs at Tulemar

    After a long day of sun and surf, sometimes it sounds best to sit back, relax, and have someone else do the cooking. Often times this means heading out to a delicious restaurant, but what about those days that you just don’t feel like leaving the house?

    Luckily, Tulemar offers private chef service! Our chefs come directly to your villa and do all the preparation, cooking, and cleaning while you relax and enjoy your vacation.

    How does it work? As soon as you let your personal concierge know that you’d like to hire a private chef, your concierge will send you a menu for you to choose your meal from. Your chef will then do all the shopping and arrive at your villa in plenty of time to have your meal ready for you at whichever time you choose. The chef menus have a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and meals can be made vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or accommodate any allergies or specific requests you have!

    The best part? Our chefs can make one special meal for you, several meals throughout your stay, or even all your meals during your vacation. Pricing can vary based off menu choices and groceries, so we recommend checking with your concierge, however, here’s a general guide for 4-8 people:

    • Breakfast – $90
    • Lunch – $120
    • Dinner – $120 to $180
    • Breakfast & Dinner – $220 to $270
    • Full day – $320
    • All Meals for the Week (up to 21 meals) – from $1,000 – $1,250

    Buen provecho!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Traditional Tico Taste: Gallo Pinto Recipe

    If you’ve already visited Costa Rica, then you are probably familiar with the popular national dish called gallo pinto. Gallo pinto is made with rice and beans mixed with spices and vegetables such as cilantro, onion, bell peppers, and salsa. It is most commonly served during breakfast, but it is delicious to eat any time of day. And the best part? It’s simple to make and it’s great for leftovers!

    Wanting to try your hand at this delicious and healthy dish? Here’s a simple recipe for you to try today!


    • 2 15-ounce cans cooked red or black beans
    • 2 cups cooked rice
    • Short grain white is preferred, but brown can be used to make the dish healthier!
    • 1 white onion, chopped
    • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
    • 1 jalapeno, chopped (optional)
    • 1 tablespoon garlic, chopped
    • Salsa Lizano
    • Cilantro


    • Sautee onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, and garlic in large pot for two minutes
    • Add beans and salsa Lizano, and let simmer for 5-7 minutes
    • Slowly stir in cooked rice
    • Simmer on low heat for 15 minutes, or until all moisture is absorbed
    • Stir in cilantro to taste
    • Serve warm and save the rest for yummy leftovers!

    This recipe is as delicious as it is simple! Feel free to get creative and mix it up to fit your tastes. Try added ground beef, extra veggies, hot sauce, or egg!

    Want the full tico experience? Enjoy your gallo pinto with a cold guaro sour!

    Pura Vida,


    *photos from eatthismuch.com and vegkitchen.com

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  • Tulemar’s Newest Homeowners: Randy & Terri Norwood

    Our Tulemar homeowners are incredibly special to us. They are responsible for bringing individuality and exquisite personality to each of our rental homes, and without them Tulemar wouldn’t be possible. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we are growing our homeowner family… Meet Randy & Terri Norwood: The newest proud owners of Tulemar’s very own Mirasol!

    Randy and Terri are both native Texans who met in Houston while volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Married for 30 years, they have a 26-year-old son, Brett; and a 28-year-old daughter, Lindsay.  Lindsay and her husband Patrick are proud parents of 6-month-old Sage, who Randy and Terri are working very hard to spoil!

    Randy & Terri own a human resource data processing company in Houston called Alliance Payroll Services.  Terri is very active teaching bible study with Community Bible Study, and in their spare time they love to travel, spend time at their central Texas ranch, and – as mentioned before – dote on their sweet baby granddaughter, Sage.

    In 2007, the Norwood family visited Tulemar for the first time and fell in love with all it had to offer. When Randy and Terri recently decided to buy a rental property in Costa Rica, they of course needed to look no further than Tulemar.  The combination of mountains, jungle, wildlife, and a beautiful beach all in one location was an unbeatable combination for them, and one they knew they wanted to be a part of. This led Randy and Terri to Mirasol, a stunning property within Tulemar’s gates, and a perfect rental property and vacation home for the Norwoods.

    Randy & Terri anticipate spending many years enjoying Tulemar and look forward to this exciting new chapter in their lives. Welcome to the Tulemar family, Randy and Terri… We’re thrilled to have you!

    Interested in being the next new homeowner in Tulemar? Check out our available real estate here… And be sure to check back soon for our virtual tour of the Norwood’s Mirasol!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Virtual Home Tour: Casa Panorama

    The best part about Costa Rica? Okay, that’s a loaded question… But, we know that the endless views are high on the list! If you’re interested in some of the best views in the country, Casa Panorama is the place for you.

    As its name implies, this home has panoramic views of jungle and ocean that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Plus, with two separate private units (the casa and casita), this large rental is perfect for families or groups!

    The entry level of Casa Panorama has two suites: The first suite has a king sized bed, and the second has two full sized beds. The two suites are connected by an outdoor deck complete with a cold water Jacuzzi overlooking the beautiful views of Tulemar.

    The level above the two suits contains a gorgeous entertainment area, complete with a full sized kitchen, dining area, 1/2 bath, and deck.

    The lower level is Casita Panorama, which is a private one bedroom suite that can be rented together, or separate from Casa Panorama.

    This rental is without a doubt a guest favorite. Interested in learning more? Click here!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Spa Services at Tulemar

    Most people take vacations to rest their mind, but what about their bodies? The best way to go back to reality revitalized and rested after a vacation is by taking care of both, which is why it’s important to us at Tulemar to provide outstanding and luxurious spa services to our guests.

    Unlike most hotels and resorts, we do not have a spa at Tulemar. Instead, our services are done in the privacy and luxury of your own home, villa, bungalow, or casa on your patio, pool deck, terrace, or indoors — you choose!

    We pride ourselves on having the best massage therapists in the Manuel Antonio area, each one with an extensive background and knowledge. They provide unique and personalized massages so that you can get the absolute most out of your services. Looking for a deep tissue massage focusing on your shoulders? We can do it! Looking for a light full body rub down? We got you! Wanting a manicure, pedicure, facial, or other spa service? We can absolutely arrange it! Just let your concierge know, and they’ll handle the rest.

    Our services are great for an individual, but if you’re looking for couples’ services or even a group spa party, those options are fully available! We can easily arrange a full spa day, complete with meal and beverage service. Additionally, we can even arrange for a private yoga session before or after your services so you can fully heal both your mind and body.

    We understand that some people want the full spa experience, so if having someone come to your villa isn’t your cup of tea, let us know! We have several great spas in the area that we are happy to refer you to, and can even arrange transportation.

    Go ahead… You deserve to be pampered.

    Pura Vida,



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  • Costa Rica’s Envision Festival

    Last month marked the 8th anniversary of Costa Rica’s famed Envision Festival, held annually in Manuel Antonio’s neighboring beach town of Uvita.

    Envision Festival is a world class 4-day festival based on 8 pillars: Permaculture, spirituality, movement, art, music, community, health, and eco-building. Each year the festival draws tourist from all around the world to participate in its special offerings and celebrations such as yoga, art, spoken workshops, live music, surfing and much more while connecting with the beautiful natural surroundings only found in Costa Rica.

    Envision’s Mission Statement:

    As a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, Envision provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and our fundamental connection with nature.

    Many attendees of the festival choose to camp in a tent on-site or stay in lodging nearby. However, if you’d like to only get a taste of the festival and choose to stay off-site away from the crowds, Manuel Antonio is an excellent option. With many Envision shuttles running daily, as well as affordable taxi or private van options, it’s easy to get to and from each town.

    To learn more about the festival, its culture, and ticket prices, please visit www.envisionfestival.com.

    Pura Vida,


    *Photos and video taken from envisionfestival.com

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  • Non-Stop Flights from Amsterdam to San Jose

    European friends, you’re in luck! If you’re not already aware, KLM recently started a direct flight from Amsterdam to San Jose… Which means it is now easier than ever for you to get some sun, fun, and sloths in your life!

    KLM made the announcement that they now offer direct flights twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. The flights depart Amsterdam at 3:25pm and arrive in San Jose at 8:05pm. Likewise, the flights depart San Jose at 10:05pm and arrive in Amsterdam the following day at 3:10pm.

    “This new flight, not only will facilitate visits to our country, but also thanks to KLM´s global network, this route will serve as a liaison for Costa Rica to open its doors to tourists from all Europe. This will for sure strengthen tourism in our country, generating benefits to the more than 600,000 persons who work in this activity in direct and indirect manner, and to the communities that find in tourism their opportunity to grow.”

    -Luis Guillermo Solís, President of Costa Rica

    So, what are you waiting for? We have a cold guaro sour and a room with a view waiting for you!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Taste of the Tropics: Guaro Sour Recipe

    One of the best parts of a tropical vacation is plopping down in the sand with the sun on your face and a cold drink in your hand… And, if you’ve been to Costa Rica, you know that the cold drink of choice is none other than a guaro sour.

    Guaro is a popular sugar cane liquor traditional to Costa Rica. The most well-known drink made with guaro is called a guaro sour. Guaro sours can be found in nearly every Costa Rican restaurant, each one with its own twist. It’s a drink that you’re sure to never get sick of, and more than likely is one that you’ll want to duplicate once you’re at home. So, we tracked down a simple & delicious guaro sour recipe so you can continue that tropical feeling long after your vacation has ended.


    • 2 ounces guaro (Cacique is the most well-known brand)
    • 2 ounces simple syrup
    • 2 teaspoons raw sugar
    • 1 lime cut into thin wedges
    • Club Soda
    • Ice


    Put guaro, sugar, and lime wedges in a small glass. Muddle generously. Leave everything in the glass and add ice cubes. Top it off with a splash of club soda.

    *For extra flare, sugar the rim of the glass and add a lime wedge*


    Pura Vida,


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  • 8 Tips For Planning a Destination Wedding

    There’s no doubt that planning a destination wedding is both exhilarating and terrifying. There are a lot of details to iron out and plenty of things to consider to ensure your day goes perfectly.

    To help you out, we’ve created a list of tips to help you with your process and to ensure that your wedding is everything you dreamed of and more!

    Consider the Weather

    When picking a destination, don’t forget to consider the local seasons. While many destination wedding locations are in a constant season of summer, hurricane and rainy seasons exist! Perhaps you’re a risky bride and are willing to take the chance…. But, if you prefer playing it safe, we suggest planning your big day during the dryer months.

    • Costa Rica Tip: December-May are ideal months!

    Choose Your Attire Wisely

    There are a lot of factors to consider when picking the perfect dress and bridal party attire. If you’re getting married outside in the heat, you’ll want dresses that breathe easy and keep you cool. Also consider factors like terrain and ease of transportation. You may not want to choose bridesmaid’s dresses that are difficult to pack, or a wedding dress with a long train if you’re going to be walking in the sand.

    • Costa Rica Tip: Try to carry-on any of your irreplaceable garments or accessories in case your baggage doesn’t make it!

    Consider Your Guests

    When planning a destination wedding, be sure to send your Save-The-Dates far in advance to give your guests ample time to plan and budget for your special get-a-way! Also consider guest budgets and try to find a reasonably priced resort/hotel, arrange group airfare rates, and book transportation from the airport to the resort for your guests.

    • Costa Rica Tip: Our knowledgeable staff at Tulemar will help you arrange the best accommodations inside Tulemar, as well as transportation for your guests!

    Understand Local Marriage Requirements

    If you plan to have your destination wedding in a foreign country, there may be a few requirements you must meet first, including time of residence in the country, blood tests, age, and parental consent. If you are coming from the United States, The U.S Department of State website is a great place to start your research on these requirements: Visit the site here.

    • Costa Rica Tip: It’s not difficult to marry in Costa Rica if you are not from here! You just need to ensure your passport if valid for at least six months, and you’ll need to meet with a local attorney and notary to complete some paperwork.

    Know Passport & Visa Requirements

    Most countries require your passport to be valid 3-6 months after departure for you to enter the country, and some countries require a visa in order for you to enter. We suggest checking whether or not you will need a visa for your destination country. Also ensure that your passport is valid. Same goes for your sweetheart, your families, and your bridal party! The last thing you want is someone you love getting left behind.

    Research Local Culture and Cuisine

    Throwing a destination wedding provides ample opportunities to make your day unique and fun! Trying to decide on a main dish for dinner? Stumped on what your signature cocktail should be? Lost on what song will accompany your first dance? Research your destination for local dishes, cocktails, music, décor, and wedding traditions! This will help you add some unique cultural twists to your ceremony and reception that wouldn’t quite make sense in a traditional setting.

    • Costa Rica Tip: Gallo pinto (rice & beans), meat, plantains, and guaro sours are all great food & beverage options!

    Plan Activities

    The beauty of a destination wedding is that your wedding extends far beyond just your ceremony and reception! Your guests traveled a long way to celebrate you, so repay them by researching local activities and planning a few group outings for them to participate in if they’d like.

    • Costa Rica Tip: In Manuel Antonio, there are several beaches to visit, and tons of awesome adventure activities! Speak with your Tulemar concierge to create a list of activity options for your guests so they never feel like they aren’t sure what to do!

    Budget for Unexpected Surprises

    Just as with any wedding, there is likely to be unexpected last-minute surprises… And being far from home where things are familiar gives you less options for a creative quick fix! While we hope your big day is seamless, it’s nice to have a little budget for last minute emergencies in case it is needed in a pinch. If not, you’ll have a little extra fun-mon for after the big day!

    We hope this gives you a few important things consider when starting your party planning. A huge congratulations from the Tulemar team on your engagement!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Virtual Home Tour: Nido de Gansos

    Looking for the perfect rental for your large group gathering? Our incredible Nido de Gansos is the perfect mix of luxury, comfort, privacy, and convenience.

    The exterior of this stunning villa is designed with European influence and has a unique tropical modern design.  The inside is furnished with imports from Italy and is decorated with beautiful indigenous Latin American art directly from the collection of the Gans Family – the owners of this exquisite home.

    Nido de Gansos has a unique design covering 3 levels. The bottom level is where you can find laundry, storage and the house keepers’ workplace; it is not accessible from the main house giving you complete privacy, however, you will have access to the washer/dryer when needed.

    Entering through the front door, you have the option of going downstairs to the sleeping quarters or upstairs to the social level.

    The sleeping quarters contains 3 suites, each with their own bath, balcony, air-conditioning and king size bed. Each suite opens into the media room, perfect for watching TV or the latest movie, reading or taking a nap.

    The social level on the third floor contains the living room, dining room, kitchen and large terrace with the infinity edged swimming pool! There is a small flight of stairs inside that leads up to a small den with another seating area and sofa bed, which can sleep an additional 1-2 children.

    This villa is surrounded by dense jungle to the north and has ocean and mountain views to the west. It is located next door to the Garden House, which can be rented in addition to Nido de Gansos for large groups!

    Interested in booking this rental? Click here!

    Pura Vida,



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  • NEW: Sloths After Sunset Tour

    Costa Rica has no shortage of wildlife, which is one of the main reasons tourism to this beautiful country is so popular! Throughout the day you can experience monkey, sloth, iguana, porcupine, agouti, and exotic bird sightings, just to name a few.

    To allow our guests the full wildlife experience, we’ve teamed up with the Sloth Institute of Costa Rica – which is located on Tulemar’s property – to offer a “Sloth Walk” exclusively to Tulemar guests. During the walk you will see and learn about the abundance of wildlife we have on Tulemar’s property, as well as have an incredible opportunity to see all the Tulemar grounds, homes, and flora & fauna.

    But… did you know that a lot of Costa Rica’s wildlife comes alive after the sun goes down? During this time, the Sloth Institute employees hike through the jungle to monitor and track the sloths to ensure their safety and well-being… And now you can join!

    We are thrilled to announce that starting Feb. 1st, 2018, our brand new “Sloths After Sunset” tour will be available exclusively to Tulemar guests! During this exciting tour, you will be guided throughout Tulemar grounds with a member of The Sloth Institute’s research team in search of sloths and other nocturnal wildlife species. The walks will be held every Thursday at 6pm and will take about an hour and a half. Every participant will be provided with a special eco-friendly flashlight and we ask that all hikers wear closed toed shoes. The cost for Sloths After Sunset is $35 for adults, and $20 for children under the age of 10. This is an excellent opportunity to observe and learn about Costa Rica’s incredible wildlife, and we are so excited to share it with you!

    Questions on Sloths After Sunset? Your concierge can provide you with answers, as well as help you with booking. We can’t wait to see you there!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Giada DeLaurentiis At Mirazul

    Being the giant foodies we are, we were thrilled when we received an inquiry from Chef Giada DeLaurentiis to stay at Mirazul over the holiday season. Giada was visiting with family and friends and we wanted to ensure she had a home that would accommodate everyone, had views, and of course had an amazing kitchen.

    If you’re not familiar, Giada is a daytime Emmy Award winner, Food Network star, author, and “Today Show” contributor. She is a respected lifestyle advisor and authority of all things that either taste good or are in good taste!

    During her stay, Giada enjoyed yoga by the pool with her daughter, Jade, a Costa Rican cooking class, an ATV jungle tour, and of course some old fashioned R&R.

    “The Mirazul Villa is absolutely gorgeous! Clean, modern and perfect for a small group. Mauricio was super helpful the entire time, whether it be setting up fun activities or grabbing groceries from the store. Overall it was an unforgettable and beautiful vacation. Pura vida!” – Giada

    Giada, it was a pleasure hosting you and your family! Please come back anytime.

    Pura Vida,


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  • A Piece of Paradise: Homes for Sale in Tulemar

    Are you looking for a new vacation home and investment property? Lucky for you, Tulemar currently has real estate available! It is very rare that Tulemar has homes for sale, but as we continue to build and grow, we currently have several units and lots for sale that are in need of awesome homeowners (like you!).

    Tulemar is the premier resort development in Manuel Antonio. It is the only gated and secure, 33-acre resort with privately owned bungalows, casas and villas, and its own beach. There are nature and hiking trails leading through the jungle areas complete with plaques describing trees and vegetation. You will see as much wildlife in Tulemar as you do at the National Park including all three types of monkeys, sloths, exotic birds, insects, and other wildlife.

    Sound like something you’d be interested in? Check out our available homes and lots below!

    *Note: This is our availability as of January 2018. Please check here for updated availability

    • Buena Vista Select Villa
      • $750,000
      • This unique villa has two units that can be rented separately or used together. Situated on the hillside, this villa has incredible ocean and jungle views.
    • Buena Vista 2-Bedroom
      • $774,000
      • The Two Bedroom Premium Villa is a luxurious, 2 story, 2-bedroom retreat nestled into the hillside with ocean and jungle views.
    • Buena Vista 3-Bedroom
      • $799,000
      • With approximately 3,000 square feet total, the villa is luxuriously furnished and has amazing ocean and jungle views!
    • Casa Las Nubes
      • $2,460,000
      • Casa Las Nubes is a stunning luxury villa nestled in the jungle hillside with 4 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths in over 4500 square feet with a lot size of 11,646 square feet.
    • Lot #17
      • $589,000
      • One of the most desirable lots in Tulemar is now available! Choice location and panoramic ocean views, with only one adjoining neighbor.
    • Casa Mirasol Sale in Progress
      • $1,399,000
      • Casa Mirasol is a beautiful Spanish Colonial style home, situated on a large private lot in Tulemar.


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    Pura Vida,



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  • Virtual Home Tour: The New Tulemar Bamboo Villas

    The new Tulemar Bamboo Villas are nothing short of luxurious, and are the perfect place for your next romantic getaway, honeymoon, or solo adventure. We could go on and on about how many rave reviews we have on TripAdvisor, but we’ll let those speak for themselves. Check them out here!

    Have we piqued your curiosity yet? If you’re interested to know what the hype is all about, we’ve broken down the villas in this virtual tour so you can experience them for yourself, without even reaching for your passport (but keep that handy… More than likely you’ll be needing it soon.)

    The luxurious design of these villas is a mix of mid-century modern and tropical beach house. Each private villa is 3 stories tall, combining indoor/outdoor living and a private plunge pool for each villa. The main floor includes the outdoor living area with a large daybed, twin sun loungers, a desk area, and a bathroom with an outdoor shower by the pool.

    The second floor is an open air mezzanine with a kitchenette complete with refrigerator, 2 burner stove, microwave, sink, coffee maker and kitchenware perfect for making a quick breakfast, snacks and drinks, but also large enough to cook a meal or to bring in a private chef for a special dinner. The dining area seats 2-4 guests, perfect for a meal with friends!

    The third floor includes the master bedroom with a king bed, seating area, TV, balcony and large bath with a walk-in raindrop shower, twin vanities, separate toilet area and a walk-in closet.

    Oh, and did we mention this place has AMAZING ocean views?

    You’ll have the services of a private concierge throughout your stay. Massage by your pool? Dinner suggestions? Tours and activities? We can make it happen for you!

    Need a little more convincing? Check out this oh-so-kind review by Shelly from Dallas, TX:

    “These villas are beyond words! I have never experienced another vacation rental like it; totally open air, private, super romantic, and situated in the jungle (wildlife everywhere!) with the best views I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful, modern, but with all the comforts of home – and then some! A kitchenette and good sized fridge, stove top if you want to cook at home, full wireless, AC in the bedroom (the only place you really need it) and a HUGE his and her bathroom with rain shower.

    The resort itself is like its own world, you’re right in the middle of Manuel Antonio – walking distance to shops, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. – but when you step inside the Tulemar gates you walk into the jungle. Monkeys, sloths, lizards, scarlet macaws, toucans… and more. As if all of this wasn’t perfect enough, the service was the best we’ve ever experienced. We can’t wait to come back!”

    Interested in booking a vacation at our Bamboo Villas? Contact our reservations office, or head over to our Bamboo Villa webpage to learn more!

    Pura Vida,




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  • Jeff Corwin at Casa de Frutas

    At Tulemar, all our guests are VIP… But sometimes some just happen to be more well-known than others. For example, Jeff Corwin.

    Jeff Corwin is a biologist, wildlife conservationist, and Emmy-award winning TV host known for shows such as The Jeff Corwin Experience, Going Wild with Jeff Corwin, and Ocean Treks.

    We were thrilled when we were contacted by Jeff’s team requesting several villas for Jeff and his Ocean Treks crew for a week in December while they planned to shoot an episode of the show. Tulemar was the perfect place for their stay since The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica’s rescue and release facility is located on Tulemar’s property.

    Jeff stayed in our gorgeous Casa de Frutas… A nature-fanatic’s haven, as its open air concept in the middle of the trees is perfect for animal watching.  Check out this awesome video Jeff filmed for us about his stay!


    One thing is for sure: We love Jeff Corwin, and we were so honored to be a part of his Costa Rican journey! Looking for more Jeff Corwin? Be sure to check out Ocean Treks every Saturday morning at 9:30PST on ABC!

    Pura Vida,


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  • Where To Eat In Manuel Antonio

    One thing is for sure… Manuel Antonio has no shortage of restaurants. They’re all delicious and (bonus) most of them have incredible views. On top of that, there are plenty of supermarkets in the area, and at Tulemar you can even hire a private chef! While it’s excellent to have options, if you’re here for a limited amount of time it may be daunting to figure out the best route to take for each meal.

    Lucky for you we have a lot of experience trying new restaurants, making reservations for guests, and hearing feedback from others! So, we’ve taken all our intel and broken down how and where most guests choose to do their meals, so you aren’t stuck tired and hungry trying to figure out what sounds best.

    Grocery Shopping
    You will have the option to grocery shop with your concierge upon arrival. This is a great time to stock up on your favorite snacks, drinks, and any food you may want to prepare for yourself during your stay. Not ready to buy a certain something? No problem! Your concierge will gladly do a grocery run for you any time throughout your stay.

    Private Chef 
    We can provide a personal chef for one special meal or for all your meals, whichever you choose! We have three private chefs that our guests love. We will send menus in advance and you can choose which chef you prefer (or maybe several!).  They will then do the shopping, prepare and serve your meals, and leave the kitchen spotless. The chefs can even work with any dietary restrictions and food allergies. Just be sure to let us know. Here is the approximate cost for 4-8 people, plus the cost of groceries, based upon the menu you choose:

    • Breakfast – $90
    • Lunch – $120
    • Dinner – $120 to $180
    • Breakfast & Dinner – $220 to $270
    • Full day – $320
    • All Meals for the Week (up to 21 meals) – from $1,000 – $1,250

    Local Restaurants
    First, let us be clear: There is an endless number of amazing restaurants in Manuel Antonio and Quepos. Plus, with the town constantly growing and changing, there are new ones popping up every day! That said, here is a list of some of our tried and true favorites.

    • El Lagarto
      • If you’re hungry and looking for something very unique, this one is for you! Everything on the menu is cooked over a wood fired grill; beef, fish, pork, chicken, and veggies. The flavors are amazing, the portions are large, and the sunset ocean views are spectacular.
    • El Patio de Café Milagro
      • The “Starbuck’s” of Manuel Antonio and one of our all-around favorites! This lively café is focused on coffee, baked goods and delicious meals. At night, it transforms from a coffee house into a bistro style restaurant complete with an amazing menu and a fun bar. Complete with live music 7 days a week, two spacious patios, dining area, and gift shop… This spot has it all!
    • Marina Pez Vela
      • Experience the new Marina in Quepos! It has a variety of great restaurants and shops, all with views of the waterfront. We can even arrange a round-trip shuttle for free! List of restaurants:
        Gabriella’s (Steakhouse) – Runaway Grill (bar + restaurant) – Z Seafood – Mercato di Porto (Italian cuisine) – Sunrice (Japanese).
    • Ronny’s Place
      • This little “locals’ secret” is a must! It sits by itself on a mountain ridge overlooking the ocean and has sunset views you will not want to miss. If you’re looking for great seafood, steak, chicken, or pasta, then this is the spot for you.
    • Marlin
      • Right across from the main beach in Manuel Antonio, Marlin is an excellent spot for great food and good people-watching! Marlin offers a little bit of everything to keep everyone in your family happy: Burgers, sandwiches, Mexican and Costa Rican cuisine.
    • Emilio’s Café
      • Emilio’s is a Mediterranean style coffee house with fresh baked goods, friendly service, stunning ocean views, and delicious meals! This is the perfect spot to sit with a morning brew and enjoy views of the coastline. Emilios has great breakfast, lunch, and dinner… Plus a huge selection of mouth-watering homemade desserts!
    • Barba Roja
      • Established in 1975, Barba Roja is the longest-operating business in the area. This restaurant and bar is fun and festive with a lively crowd! Barba Roja offers a diverse menu with steaks, seafood, burgers, and even sushi…. And their sunset happy hour is unbeatable!
    • Café Agua Azul
      • This is our favorite! You will be greeted with a smile, an incredible view, and a lively staff! Their extensive menu has a little bit of everything including burgers, salads, seafood, nachos (the best!), and pasta.
    • De la Finca
      • De la Finca is a quaint Costa Rican restaurant (also known as a soda) in the heart of Quepos… But don’t be fooled: This small restaurant packs a big punch! The gourmet menu, friendly service, delicious sangria, and incredible presentation will leave you satisfied and impressed. The best part? De la Finca is owned by our very own concierge, Chris. Be sure to check it out and let Chris know what you think!
    • Tulemar Beach Grill
      • Sit under the palms with your feet in the sand without even leaving the resort property! Our casual beachfront café offers lunches, snacks and drinks. The menu includes light, hearty, and traditional choices such as salads, ceviche, quesadillas, burgers, and fish specials. The best part? Sign the check to your villa so you don’t have to worry about your wallet while you’re playing in the waves.
    • Tule Café
      • From early morning until well after sundown, the TULE CAFE is Tulemar’s exclusive, full-service restaurant. Situated adjacent to our original resort pool, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus snacks and drinks. Enjoy great views and refreshing ocean breezes without having the leave the resort property!

    We don’t know about you, but we are feeling hungry… Buen provecho!

    Pura Vida,


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