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Sibu Chocolate: International Chocolate Awards Winner

December 22, 2017

Here in Costa Rica, we love chocolate! So much, in fact, that we used to drink it before we discovered coffee. We hold our beloved cacao beans to such a high regard that centuries ago the indigenous tribes of Central America traded them as currency, and it was just as – if not more – valuable than gold.

Costa Rica’s lush landscape is conducive to growing amazing coffee, spices, produce, and you guessed it: chocolate. It is for this reason that we are so proud to be the exclusive retailer in Manuel Antonio for Sibu Chocolate, Costa Rica’s premier artisan chocolatier.

Sibu Chocolate was founded by Julio Fernandez Amón and George Soriano. Their mantra? The chocolate had to be organic, it had to be made start-to-finish in Costa Rica, and most importantly, it had to be good enough to stand up to best chocolates in the world. That mantra has held true, as Sibu Chocolate is now an International Chocolate Awards prize winner.

The International Chocolate Awards ceremony is held annually and judges companies, chocolatiers, and artisans from 16 countries and several regions of the world. This year, Sibu Chocolate took the silver medal for their apple and lemon caramel covered bonbon… Which we must admit this prize is well deserved!

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Interested in trying Sibu Chocolate? Stop by our reservations office located below Agua Azul or ask your concierge. They make the perfect gift for someone you love (even if that person is yourself)!

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