Mirazul Featured on the Cover of Florida Design Magazine

November 17, 2018

If you haven’t seen the latest issue if the renowned Florida Design magazine, you’re missing out! Not only does Tulemar’s very own Mirazul have a featured article, but its stunning photography landed it on the cover page. Yes, we’re blushing.

If you’re not familiar with Mirzul, it is one of Tulemar’s incredible private villas that boasts a guest list of celebrity VIPs. It’s architecture, interior design, and open air concept make it truly one of a kind, which makes it no wonder it landed a coveted spot in Florida Design!

Here’s a little bit of what Florida Design had to say:

“THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT COSTA RICA,” KEY WEST-BASED INTERIOR designer David L. Smith says. “The wild life, the climate, the proximity to nature, a rugged rainforest fronted by both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans …” With his early involvement in what would result in a 6,800-square-foot aviary overlooking the sea, Smith still seems awestruck by the grandeur he along with the architectural team and builder created from the jungle mountainside.

While the well-traveled homeowners could have lived any place, the gated community of Tulemar in central Costa Rica already had an infrastructure for water and electricity supplied to the 33 one-acre homesites. “Yet there were challenges,” says Smith, referring to the strict codes to deal with natural seismic activity and the rolling topography of steep jungle terrain. “But for the owners to see ocelots, sloths, monkeys, and scarlet macaws … it was worth it. This place might just be paradise.”

To read the rest of the article, visit the Florida Design magazine article here.

To see more photos of Mirazul and see it’s availability and pricing, visit its web page here.

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