7 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica in Rainy Season

September 13, 2018

Most people go running when they hear the words “rainy season”. We often get asked when the best time is to visit Costa Rica as many people look to avoid the rain here as much as possible.  We completely understand… After all, it’s hard to catch some rays on the beach when there is a thunder cloud overhead. However, we firmly believe that the rainy season here is just as great as the dry season, and if you’re not convinced we made a list of 7 reasons why.

  1.  Cheaper Airfare
    • There are major airline discounts during Costa Rica’s rainy season (May-November). So much so that it’s not uncommon to get airline tickets for 50% (or more!) off the price you pay during high season. That alone is enough reason to visit! We have found round trip tickets for as low as $200 from some U.S. cities.
  2. Cheaper Accommodations, Dining, and Shopping
    • As if saving money on airfare wasn’t enough, you can also save some major bucks on accommodations, dining, and shopping, too! Most places offer rainy season discounts with buy one get one free offers, half off offers, and more. Check out our discounts here.
  3. Less People
    • If you’re hoping to explore the country without hundreds of other tourists, rainy season is definitely the time to do it! You will find that the national parks, the beaches, and the tours are all significantly less crowded, which means you get to experience the beauty of the country and the locals undisturbed.
  4. Better Scenery
    • More rain = more green. In fact, we refer to rainy season in Costa Rica as the green season! The frequent rain provides the perfect atmosphere for lush greenert, plus it feeds the hundreds of incredible waterfalls that can be found throughout the country.
  5. Cooler Temps
    • It’s never cold in Costa Rica, but with frequent rainstorms and cloud coverage, the temps can get much cooler during rainy season! Expect a nice warm day followed by a cool and comfortable night. The average temperature during rainy season is between 75-85 degrees.
  6. More Wildlife
    • With flourishing greenery, less tourists, and cooler temperatures, the wildlife becomes much more active and visible during rainy season! After a nice rain shower you can expect the monkeys to be jumping from tree to tree and the birds to be playing.
  7.  It’s not always wet
    • Many people have the misconception that it rains 24-7 during rainy season. While it may rain most afternoons and nights, it’s common to have a break in the rain in the morning until after lunch.  This is the perfect time to play outside, soak in some sun, and enjoy some activities. Plus, some days it doesn’t rain at all!

Bottom line is, Costa Rica is the perfect place to visit any time of year… We hope to see you soon, rain or shine!

Pura Vida,


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