Take the Quiz! Which Activity Should You Book?

May 28, 2018

Costa Rica has a lot to offer, which is why it’s such a popular tourist destination for people all over the world. If you’re looking to relax, explore, have an adventure, or learn something new, you’re in the right place! But, what if you’re limited on time and can’t decide the best way to spend your days in Costa Rica? You’re in luck! We’ve created a (very scientific) quiz to direct you to the perfect activity to book during your stay.

 Are you a morning person or night owl?

  1. Night owl all the way!
  2. The mornings are my favorite.
  3. Neither! I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

What’s your favorite drink?

  1. A glow-in-the-dark cocktail.
  2. An iced latte.
  3. Red Bull.

Which shoes do you have to pack when going on vacation?

  1. I don’t worry about shoes! I prefer being barefoot.
  2. Vegan sneakers.
  3. I don’t care as long as they’re comfy while on-the-go.

What’s your spirit animal?

  1. A dolphin.
  2. A sloth.
  3. A scarlet macaw.

What’s your ideal date?

  1. A canoe ride at sunset.
  2. The zoo.
  3. Roller blading through the park.

If you answered mostly #1…

You come alive in the evening and love the ocean! We suggest booking a nocturnal paddle boarding tour with PaddleVision. PaddleVision offers the only nighttime stand-up paddle boarding tours in Manuel Antonio, where you can experience the ocean after dark. You’ll head out before sunset so you can enjoy the magical colors of the sun on the water, and then you’ll paddle in after dark as the LED lights on your board light up the ocean. This is an adventure you won’t want to miss, and it’s sure to be an experience you’ll never forget!

Includes transportation, snack, water, and photo package of your session
$65 per person

If you answered mostly #2…

You love the mornings, and prefer living life at a nice leisurely pace. We suggest booking The Tulemar Sloth Walk with The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica! This is the perfect tour for the whole family. In an hour and a half guided walk through Tulemar, you will join Sloth Institute researchers as they spot sloths, monkeys, birds, and other wildlife found in Costa Rica. You will have an opportunity to learn about the animals, as well as learn about The Sloth Institute’s mission.

Offered daily at 9:00 AM (except Tuesdays), Mondays & Wednesdays also at 3:00 PM
$18 per person
Children 7 and under are free

If you answered mostly #3…

You have an adventurous soul and you get restless if you’re not on the move! We suggest booking a zipline tour with Canopy Safari! During your zipline tour you will sail through the canopy like Tarzan as you take in the sights and sounds of the jungle. This exhilarating activity was invented in Costa Rica, and at Canopy Safari you have a variety of ziplines, platforms, and styles to choose from to make sure you get the most out of your tour. Each tour includes breakfast and lunch, and you will have an option to purchase digital photos of your exciting day.

$85 per person

If you’re thinking you may prefer a different activity, don’t worry! We have dozens to choose from…. Check out the list here. If you have any questions or want to book something ASAP, just reach out to your concierge and they will get everything taken care of for you. Enjoy!

Pura Vida,


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