Community Collaboration Tulemar Costa Rica

Community Collaboration

At Tulemar, one of our goals is to be more connected within our local community. After spending time assessing local needs, our three initial areas of focus are local public schools, an organization that supports local families, and The Sloth Institute (TSI) of Costa Rica.

Through our collaboration with these organizations, we will not only donate a portion of our proceeds but we will also actively engage our guests in meaningful experiences that foster a deeper connection with the local environment and communities. From witnessing sloths thrive in their natural habitat to immersive cultural exchanges with beneficiaries of local schools and Full Circle C.R. Foundation, guests will be invited to become active participants in Tulemar’s mission of responsible tourism.  Check out our blog post here.

Local schools

Many schools in Costa Rica face the challenge of fostering an environment that encourages underprivileged children to want to learn and stay in school.  Many of these students encounter significant hurdles due to economic disparities. Limited access to educational resources like textbooks, technology, and even basic necessities, hinders their academic progress. Additionally, remote communities lack proper infrastructure, making regular school attendance challenging.  To address these issues, comprehensive strategies are needed to provide equitable access to quality education and support systems that address socio-economic barriers and foster inclusive learning environments. The vision of MSc. César Pimentel Batista, supervisor of the Aguirre school district, is to promote the development of efficient, timely, and transparent administrative management within his district, enabling access to quality education focused on the integral development of the human being. The values at their schools are Solidarity, Camaraderie, Professionalism, Loyalty, and Responsibility.  

Escuela Finca Mona is one of the beneficiaries of the Community Collaboration project - Tulemar Costa Rica

Escuela Finca Mona is one of the beneficiaries of the Community Collaboration project

Educational fixtures including desk chairs for children need to be replaced.

Full Circle C.R.

Full Circle, C.R. is a foundation with the goal of improving the lives of children at social risk, by providing them with the means to thrive in their communities.  In particular the focus is on improving infrastructure of rural small schools, providing the means so their families can have quality food on their tables, and organizing events, games, and activities that are geared towards improving the children’s self image.

Full Circle C.R. organizes community events that support families in need.

Art supplies are gifted to a child in need.

The Sloth Institute (TSI)

TSI is a non-profit organization whose research facility is hosted inside Tulemar. Their mission is to enhance the well-being and conservation of sloths through research and education. They are also dedicated to collaborating with other sloth rehabilitation and release programs.  The Sloth Institute offers a nature walk through Tulemar where they educate guests on wildlife habits, responsible tourism, and point out wildlife they see along the way.

Occasionally, sloths require emergency medical attention.

The Sloth Institute rehab and release healthy sloths back to the wild.

Important Notice: The Sloth Institute’s release facility is not open to the public, due to the nature of the program. Human contact must be restricted to TSI staff only to encourage the sloths to return to their natural habitat. While this isn’t a “swim with the sloths” type of program, it will certainly increase the sloth population and visibility inside of Tulemar and other safe environments throughout the local communities. Guests and residents of Tulemar are likely to see TSI staff wandering the trails and pathways looking for sloths or studying them. Please feel free to ask them about the sloths and the program.

How Can You Help?

  1. Book your vacation with us and we’ll do the rest!  For every night booked, we will make a donation that will benefit these organizations.
  2. Get curious! Check out Full Circle C.R. and The Sloth Institute to learn more.
  3. Ask us about ways you can get immersed in the local community during your stay.

Eric: The Three-Fingered Sloth Success Story

Eric the sloth, faced a life-threatening arm injury after a fall on a harsh metal surface in the forest, necessitating amputation. Despite doubts about his survival with one arm, rehabilitation efforts proved successful, demonstrating sloths’ adaptability to limb loss. Rehabilitation programs have shown that sloths can thrive in the wild even after amputation.
Eric, the first male three-fingered sloth amputee, has become a symbol of resilience, dominating his release site and winning all territorial battles against other males.Eric’s success story underscores the effectiveness of rehabilitation and tracking programs for sloths. Thanks to their tracking program, TSI is delighted to say that Eric continues to thrive in his new habitat, proving that losing a limb does not hinder a sloth’s ability to survive and excel in the wild.
Educational information about the sloths, The Sloth Institute and its programs and how homeowners and guests can help is available in Tulemar or at https://www.theslothinstitute.org/get-involved/

Eric receives medical attention - Tulemar Costa Rica

Eric receives medical attention

Eric in the wild - Tulemar Costa Rica

Eric in the wild

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