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Empowering Communities: Tulemar’s Visionary Collaboration

In a world where luxury often seems disconnected from community initiatives and environmental stewardship, there are shining examples of companies that strive to bridge this gap. Through a visionary project, Tulemar has not only redefined the concept of luxury travel but is also making a tangible difference in the lives of local communities and the preservation […] Read more

Tulemar’s Resort Video

When searching for the perfect destination for your next international vacation, it can be overwhelming and confusing to find the right place for your stay.  At Tulemar, we have over 50 unique vacation rental options for you from our classic bungalows, 2 and 3 bedroom casas, to our award-winning luxurious private villas. Read more

Gift Certificates Now Available!

Giving the gift of paradise is now easier than ever with gift certificates to Tulemar! Whether a wedding, birthday, holiday, or just because, there are plenty of reasons a gift certificate to Tulemar is the perfect gift for someone you love. It’s something they don’t already have There’s no wasteful gift wrap or bags Memories […] Read more

Costa Rican Christmas Tamale Recipe

Tamales are a Christmas tradition in Costa Rica and a favorite amongst guests at Tulemar. These delicious and savory little guys can be found all throughout Costa Rica during the holidays — and sometimes even year-round, especially in touristy areas. If you can’t make the trek to Costa Rica for Christmas, but you’re craving this […] Read more

Tulemar Gift Guide

Checking your list and realizing you’ve yet to buy the perfect gift for a special someone? The holidays have snuck up on us, too! Not to worry…Tulemar has you fully covered. From co-worker to co-habiter, we have the perfect gift guide so you can give the gift they really want. Why give the gift of […] Read more

Turtle Release in Costa Rica

A fan favorite activity in Costa Rica is attending a baby sea turtle release. And it’s no surprise! The turtles are adorable, the activity is informative, and you get to help nature while enjoying sun, surf, and sand. What’s not to love? We recently had guests that wanted to attend a sea turtle release while […] Read more

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