Guest Spotlight: Lauren and Dustin Huffman

November 25, 2017

Costa Rica is perfect for relaxation, good food, kind people, and lots of adventure, which is exactly why couple Dustin and Lauren Huffman chose to visit. Coming from the Pacific Northwest in mid-September, the couple was looking to enjoy some warmth & sunshine and wanted a resort that allowed them to completely unwind while also offering some options for adventure. We wanted to know more about their stay and get some great tips for future guests, so we sat down with Dustin and Lauren to get the 411 on their visit.

Tulemar:  We certainly hope that Tulemar met all your expectations for a healthy mix of relaxation and adventure! You guys stayed in Mirador Escape – how did you like it?

Dustin & Lauren: We loved it! It was the perfect size for us and we had the most amazing views!

T: We are so happy to hear that. Who was your concierge?

D&L: Chris Madrigal… He was amazing! He continuously tried to go above and beyond to ensure that our trip was all that we wanted and then some. He was able to get us booked on a couple of great excursions, surprised us with a bottle of champagne one evening for our anniversary, and gave us homemade brownies on our final evening there.  We really felt as though anytime we needed him he was available.

T: That’s excellent! Our concierge team is great and they work really hard to make sure your vacation is perfect. We are so glad that you took advantage of some of our excursions. Which was your favorite?

D&L: The waterfall tour was amazing because it allowed us to see more of the country and things outside of Tulemar. In addition, the hosts of the tour were able to provide us with a lot more insight into the culture of Cost Rica and why things work the way they do. Beyond this, simply wandering the resort was amazing: from the pool and restaurant with amazing views, to being able to walk throughout town to get anything else we wanted.  Most of the time when we travel internationally we are unable to leave the resort due to safety concerns, and this was not even a thought this time around.

T: Sounds like you guys really got to explore a lot! We heard you also got to see a lot of wildlife during your stay. What was your favorite animal?

D&L: We loved the titi monkeys! Having our maid come to our room and tell us that the titi moneys were right outside our residence was amazing.  There had to have been 20-30 of them in the trees playing with one another.

T: Ahhh… the titi monkeys are so fun! Did you get a chance to explore any of the surround restaurants?

D&L: Yes! We ate at many of the restaurants in the surrounding area. Our utmost favorite was Agua Azul for two reasons: The view and the freshness of the seafood!

T: Yum! We love fresh seafood! Now, before we let you go, if you could give one piece of advice for future guests at Tulemar, what would it be?

D&L: Remember bug spray! One of the most fun things to do is watch the sunset each night on your balcony, but if you do not have enough bug spray you will regret it!

T: GREAT tip! Dustin and Lauren, it was so wonderful having you stay with us. Thank you so much for your time, and we certainly hope we see you again very soon!

Pura Vida,