Jackie & Carl

Guest Spotlight: Jackie Medvetz and Carl Lam

October 22, 2017

There’s a lot of things we love here at Tulemar: The beach, the jungle, good food, amazing views, and sloths (of course), just to name a few. The one thing we probably love the most, though, is our guests! Carl Lam and Jackie Medvetz are no exception. This young couple from California made Tulemar their last stop on their tour de Costa Rica, and the rave reviews of their stay have us blushing.

Read on to hear about their visit and to get some great tips for your own stay.

Tulemar: First off, we are SO happy you stayed with us and we got to know you! You were such wonderful guests. Do you mind telling our readers when you visited and how long you stayed?

Jackie & Carl: My boyfriend and I visited in the beginning of the rainy season, but all we got were beautiful days with some soothing afternoon showers. Sept 25-Oct 2 were our full dates in Costa Rica and we stayed at Tulemar for our last two nights. Had we known how amazing this place was we definitely would have planned to stay longer!

T: We are so happy to hear that you loved your stay! What home did you stay in?

J&C: We stayed in the Bungalows (Unit 114), nestled in the jungle, on the side of a cliff, at canopy level, over-looking the ocean. These bungalows were AMAZING! I repeat AMAZING! The bungalow is mostly all windows offering panoramic views for as far as you can see, but also offers privacy because you’re surrounded by the canopy layer of the jungle. Staying at Tulemar allows you to be submersed into the jungle with all the luxuries of being in a resort. You have the option to hang at the pool, take out the free kayaks, hit the beach, or eat at the resort restaurant with, again, more breathtaking views of the jungle, ocean, and wildlife.

T: It really sounds like you had an amazing time. If you could choose one thing about your trip that was your absolute favorite, what would it be?

J&C: Our favorite part about our trip was our experience the last three days and two nights at Tulemar. We were completely content with animal watching at our bungalow, but the second you leave the gated community there are plenty of little shops, great restaurants, and an awesome yoga studio with ocean views, all within walking distance. This part of our trip allowed us to be completely relaxed. We had everything we needed right within Tulemar: a bar, restaurant, pool, beach, kayaks, all at our fingertips. Tulemar puts you in touch with the true beauty of Costa Rica; the nature surrounds you, the animals are everywhere, you have front row seats to the sunrises and sunsets, and then the day is topped off with some evening showers to put you to sleep.

T: Ah, yes! The animals! Sounds like you saw a lot of them. Can you tell us about some of the animals you saw during your stay?

J&C: We stayed in the jungle for the duration of our trip, Sept 25- Oct 2, but saw very few animals (aside from our tours) until we got to Tulemar! Let me tell you about the wildlife at Tulemar: it’s truly breathtaking! The moment we arrived at check-in we saw two howler monkeys, a sloth, and a porcupine! Once we got to our villa we had about 15 little titi monkeys jumping from our roof into the trees right outside our window. We saw monkeys every day of our stay. They hang out in the trees and are so close for viewing but pay no heed to humans. We saw about 20 of the little titi monkeys again on our last morning at Tulemar, as well as a mama monkey and her baby walking across a wire near the check in desk. We ate at the restaurant next to our bungalow and the waiter pointed out a sloth in the tree next to us. We also got to see a flock of toucans flying from one tree to another early one morning (so cool)! On the last morning of our stay we were lucky enough to see a few whales out in the ocean from our living room! There’s also tons of iguanas EVERYWHERE! The wildlife is just flourishing here and it’s oh-so-beautiful!

T: That is so awesome! The wildlife at Tulemar is our favorite, too. Now, what about our second favorite: FOOD! Did you get a chance to explore any of the surrounding restaurants?

J&C: There was an amazing restaurant across the street called Café Milagro. It’s low key with a great patio, yummy local plates and delicious plates native to other countries as well. We also had dinner at an awesome restaurant nearby called Emilio’s. It offers amazing views and a fun open air environment. Although we were able to eat at the surrounding restaurants, one of our favorite places was the one right at Tulemar (Tule Cafe) next to the family pool. Their ceviche was amazing, and so were the entrees and dessert. It also has an amazing view! The staff was very helpful and accommodating. Not to mention, the 2 for 1 happy hour beer special can’t be beat!

T: All of that sounds so great! Any recommendations on what to order?

J&C: Yes! You’re in Costa Rica, so eat the local food! For breakfast we ate a tico plate every day (don’t forget the Lizano sauce), for lunch we had the casada plate, and for dinner we typically ate some kind of fresh local fish (their red snapper is amazing). For an appetizer we recommend ordering patacones. Don’t forget dessert! The flan and flambe were our favorites!

T: Sounds amazing! Now, to wrap up: If you could give one piece of advice for future guests at Tulemar, what would it be?

J&C: First and foremost, definitely make sure to stay at least 4 nights at Tulemar. We stayed two nights and did not want to leave. We were just getting used to our jungle paradise! Although we had an absolutely amazing time doing the activities we did there, had we stayed a bit longer we could have taken more advantage of the free kayaks, snorkeling, and secluded beach. And just a couple more pointers: Wake up early! It’s your best bet for seeing all the wildlife in action and the opportunity to see the sun rise. Also, be sure to bring some bug spray and itch relief just in case you do get bit by bugs!

T: GREAT pointers! Anything else you’d like to add about your stay in Costa Rica?

J&C: Fully submersing yourself in the Costa Rican culture is like hitting the reset button. The way of life here really reflects the local saying “pura vida” or pure life. They live simply, take care of their country, and are so helpful to tourists. Visiting Costa Rica is truly a life-changing experience!

Carl and Jackie – it was a pleasure having you stay with us. Your kind words and amazing tips are so much appreciated. We cannot wait to see you again SOON!

Pura Vida,