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Tulemar Dave

Welcome to Tulemar!

I’m “Tulemar Dave” and I’ve been active with Trip Advisor for over 15 years now. I respond daily to every review, from every guest, on the Tulemar Bungalows and Villas site on TripAdvisor. I smile with the great reviews, and I learn from any comments made by our guests that will help improve our operations in Tulemar (although I really appreciate it when they tell me in person or via my email – lol ).

I also provide advice and my opinions to travelers looking to spend time in the Manuel Antonio area on a range of topics from activities to restaurants to transportation.

Years ago, one guest commented “just ask Tulemar Dave on TripAdvisor” and the name stuck. I’m actually Dave Houck. I live in Tulemar year round, and I co-own this company with my business partner, Mauricio Jara, a Costa Rican.

I first came to Costa Rica over 20 years ago on vacation. After exploring the country during many subsequent trips, I decided that I wanted to live in Manuel Antonio, so I built a home in Tulemar and now live here as Tulemar’s only full-time resident. If you stay with us, I’ll be a neighbor!

Every one of the accommodations in Tulemar is privately owned. These owners are our friends and neighbors. We know them and their properties well. Our reception, along with my office, is located right at the front entrance of Tulemar. We can assist throughout your entire trip: from accommodations and transportation to tours, restaurants, activities and special services. Whatever your Costa Rica vacation needs, we can make it happen!

While you’re in Tulemar, please feel free to drop by and say “hi”!

Tulemar Dave

Mauricio & Dave

Tulemar Dave is well-known on TripAdvisor

TulemarDave responds personally to each review on TripAdvisor

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