The Norwoods

Tulemar’s Newest Homeowners: Randy & Terri Norwood

March 25, 2018

Our Tulemar homeowners are incredibly special to us. They are responsible for bringing individuality and exquisite personality to each of our rental homes, and without them Tulemar wouldn’t be possible. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we are growing our homeowner family… Meet Randy & Terri Norwood: The newest proud owners of Tulemar’s very own Mirasol!

Randy and Terri are both native Texans who met in Houston while volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Married for 30 years, they have a 26-year-old son, Brett; and a 28-year-old daughter, Lindsay.  Lindsay and her husband Patrick are proud parents of 6-month-old Sage, who Randy and Terri are working very hard to spoil!

Randy & Terri own a human resource data processing company in Houston called Alliance Payroll Services.  Terri is very active teaching bible study with Community Bible Study, and in their spare time they love to travel, spend time at their central Texas ranch, and – as mentioned before – dote on their sweet baby granddaughter, Sage.

In 2007, the Norwood family visited Tulemar for the first time and fell in love with all it had to offer. When Randy and Terri recently decided to buy a rental property in Costa Rica, they of course needed to look no further than Tulemar.  The combination of mountains, jungle, wildlife, and a beautiful beach all in one location was an unbeatable combination for them, and one they knew they wanted to be a part of. This led Randy and Terri to Mirasol, a stunning property within Tulemar’s gates, and a perfect rental property and vacation home for the Norwoods.

Randy & Terri anticipate spending many years enjoying Tulemar and look forward to this exciting new chapter in their lives. Welcome to the Tulemar family, Randy and Terri… We’re thrilled to have you!

Interested in being the next new homeowner in Tulemar? Check out our available real estate here… And be sure to check back soon for our virtual tour of the Norwood’s Mirasol!

Pura Vida,