Tulemar Live Stream – Enjoy Costa Rican Sunsets From Home!

April 5, 2020

There’s no denying that times are trying right now…We are all likely feeling a little cabin fever which for some may lead to an even bigger fever for a getaway to a large villa overlooking the ocean, are we right?

We get it….We are in the exact same boat. So, to help keep us sane during a time that is trying to prove us otherwise, we decided to install a live stream camera on one of our most popular large private villas, Casa de Frutas. But don’t worry, this only faces the ocean and will never invade the privacy of our guests when the villa is occupied!

The live stream is now available on tulemar.com 24/7, which means that any time of day – or night – you can peep whats going on in Costa Rica. Missing the wildlife? Craving a good sunset? Curious how the weather is at your favorite vacation destination? Worry no more, we got you covered!

You can join the live stream here…And rest assured you’ll be in good company, because for the time being all of us here at Tulemar are sitting back and watching the sunset a long with you.

Until you can join in on the fun in person, we are wishing you days full of health and happiness. Stay safe, friends.

Pura Vida,


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