Tulemar in the News: Cosmopolitan Magazine – “The 30 Sexiest Hotels in the World”

April 9, 2019

We are feelin’ hot, hot, hot, and it’s not just because it’s summer year round here in Costa Rica! The Tulemar Bamboo Villas were recently listed (ahem, in the #1 spot, might we add) in Cosmopolitan Magazine — once more for those in the back: COSMOPOLITAN Magazine — in the very sultry and sexy article aptly titled “The 30 Sexiest Hotels in the World”.  Yes, you read that right… In the WORLD. We’re not blushing, you are.

We always knew that these stunning villas were romantic, luxurious, and dare we say it, sexy. But, we know we are biased so sometimes we need some outside validation. And, boy did we get it. Nobody knows sexy like Cosmopolitan Magazine, and their write up us has feeling, well, a little hot and bothered.

Isn’t it so funny how you know a hotel is sexy if it has a see-through bathroom? As if you’re doing absolutely nothing in the shower besides having super-voyeuristic sex?

Erotic hotels have a whole vibe that’s mostly corny but also kinda hot…and they should be recognized for their extra efforts in helping you and bae have a truly bangin’ vacation. That said, read on for our guide to the sexiest hotels in the world.

#1 Bamboo Villas, Tulemar in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

The Tulemar Bamboo Villas have open-air, three-stories and private infinity pools, showers, and some truly mind-blowing views of the ocean. There’s also a personal concierge who can arrange for chilled champagne and rose petals for an added touch.

BOOK NOW starting at $345/night

To read more, visit the article here.

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