Tulemar Guest Spotlight: The Frahm Family

April 30, 2019

Nothing makes us happier than when a family chooses to make lifelong memories together right here at Tulemar. What an honor! That’s why we were thrilled when we met the Frahm family.

Jill and Geoff, along with their two girls Emmy (age 9) & Addy (age 11), came to visit us all the way from Loveland, Colorado. They had never been to Costa Rica before, but it was on their bucket list and after a lot of research they realized it was the perfect destination for the whole family.

Jill loves to put in the time to research their vacations, and once they decided on Costa Rica she was able to narrow down exactly what she needed: a place that is family friendly, has a great beach, and has lots of amenities and wildlife. Luckily for all parties involved, Tulemar checks all those boxes!

The Frahms chose one of our original Tulemar bungalows. Jill said that the ocean and sunset views were spectacular, and the bungalow was absolutely perfect for a family of 4 (we couldn’t agree more, Jill!).

We could continue to tell you how wonderful their vacation was, but we think you’d prefer to hear it straight from the mouths of sweet Emmy and Addy:

Tulemar: We are so happy to hear you loved your vacation! How did you react when your parents told you you were going to Costa Rica?

Addy: I was really, really, really excited and I couldn’t wait!

Emmy: I was really excited and happy that we were going to go!

T: We certainly hope that we lived up to all your expectations! What was your favorite thing about visiting Costa Rica?

A:  I loved all of the nature; flowers and animals! Snorkeling was awesome.

E: I have two favorite things: snorkeling and seeing all of the interesting animals at Tulemar!

T: Oooo, snorkeling! How fun! That’s something you can do at the beach, or in the pool. Which did you like best: The Tulemar Pools or Beach?

A & E: The beach! We like the hermit crabs and the boogie boards. But we liked the waterfall at the family pool, too.

T: Those are some of our favorite things too! What was your favorite activity that you did on your vacation?

A & E: Boogie boarding and zip lining!

T: How fun. I bet you got to see a lot of wildlife while you were zip lining! How many animals did you see on your trip?

E: We lost track! A million?

A: Sloths, white-faced monkeys, iguanas, geckos, macaws, toucans, turtles, dolphins, fish…

T: That’s a lot! What was your favorite animal that you saw?

A: Baby squirrel monkeys and dolphins!

E: I have two, okay 3! Sea turtles in the ocean that we saw on our catamaran cruise, hermit crabs on the beach, and the sloths everywhere!

T: Okay, lets talk food! What was the best thing you ate in Costa Rica?

A: We got room service from Tule Cafe one morning for breakfast and the vanilla pancakes were my favorite!

E: Yep the pancakes and bacon!

T: You girls seem like you have good taste! Pancakes via room service? We are all about that! What was the funniest thing to happen on your trip?

A: The funny kissing sound the geckos make at night when they’re eating bugs or talking to each other.

E: The mommy monkey with her baby that jumped right over my head at the national park!

T: Wow! What awesome memories! What was the coolest thing about Tulemar?

A: How connected to nature we were and the free boogie boards!

E: Tons of animals right outside our bungalow.

T: And what five words would you use to describe your vacation?

A: Thrilling, blissful, amazing, different, green.

E: Amazing, beautiful, wildlife, stay-there-forever, hot.

T: Those are awesome words… We may need to put you to work in our marketing department! If your friend was going to visit Costa Rica, what would you be sure she knew before she left?

A: The moving shells on the beach are little crabs, and if you don’t see any shells on the beach just grab goggles and dive a little bit in the ocean and they’re everywhere! Also the big grey fuzzy blobs in the trees are sloths!

E: There’s tons of wildlife, you’re going to have a lot of fun, and it’s hot! Do the snorkel tour with Sunset Sails…we saw turtles and dolphins! And go zip lining.

T: GREAT tips! Lastly, how is Costa Rica different than where you live?

A: There’s more variety of plants, more hills, and you have to use lots of sunscreen, it’s hot!

E: It’s hotter than Colorado, more exotic animals, cool plants, food is different…in a good way.

There you have it, folks. Book your snorkel tour, pack your sunscreen, bring your camera, and head on down to make some memories of your own. We are waiting for you.

Pura Vida,



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