Close Sloth Encounter at Tulemar’s Private Villa Casa de Frutas

May 31, 2019

Can you think of any other animal that is quite as adorable as a sloth? They’ve become very trendy lately, and for good reason! They’re curious, smiley, sweet, and oh-so-cute. We have guests that come all the way to Tulemar just in hopes of seeing one of the many wild or rehabilitated sloths we have on site thanks to The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica. (FYI, it’s VERY likely to see them during your stay – sometimes from your very own private villa!)

For our recent Casa de Frutas guests, their wish for seeing a sloth up close and personal became a reality when a curious little sloth decided to pop by their villa to say hello.

To their surprise, the sloth took a liking to the rain chain right outside the Casa de Frutas dining area. Because of the open-air concept of the villa, he was as close as he could get to being inside their rental. It made for great pictures and wonderful experience for the family. Check out their pics:

While the sloth looks adorable, and possibly even hungry, we want to remind all guests to never touch or feed the wildlife. This is for their safety, as well as yours. Remember, we are visitors in their home!

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Pura Vida,


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