Architecture and Design in Tulemar

November 15, 2019

If architecture and design are high on your list of priorities when choosing a resort or vacation home to stay in, then you’re in luck with Tulemar! With over 50 accommodations, all varying in size, design, and style, there is plenty to choose from when making your first trip to Tulemar, and plenty to keep you coming back.

Whether you’re into sleek, modern architecture, Bali-tropical design, or rustic and cozy style, Tulemar has it all. Here are a few examples:

El Escondite, PazAmore, SolAngelo, Bamboo Villas:
Sleek modern lines, natural accents, and luxurious open spaces that complement and respect the nature that surrounds them. That’s what you’ll get when you step inside one of these vacation homes, all designed by award-winning Costa Rican architect, Andres Brenes. Each villa is unique, yet they all echo the same modern and awe-inspiring style. In these rentals, you’ll find modern – and sometimes even industrial – architecture. But don’t be fooled, each villa is still very warm and inviting with vaulted ceilings, open-air living spaces, and natural accents such as bamboo and stone. Experiencing a stay at any villa built by Andres Brenes is a true treat, especially for those who value unique and luxurious architecture. For those who want to experience more of Andres’s designs, he also built Tulemar’s partner resort, Three-Sixty Boutique Hotel.

Tulemar Bungalows:
These classic bungalows give you the sense that you’re in a jungle treehouse. Nestled among the trees, their octagonal shape full of windows soaks in all the surrounding flora and fauna of Tulemar. You’ll experience spectacular jungle and ocean views from every bungalow. These simple and earthy units are very clean and well-maintained. They also come equipped with all of the modern conveniences expected from a luxury resort. Bonus: The majority of the classic bungalows are undergoing simple renovations to help elevate their luxury feel. You can see more here.

Casa de Frutas:
Casa de Frutas is a luxurious villa that is nothing short of magical. Its tropical design inspired by Bali architecture and style invites you in and makes you feel at home while also making you feel like Indonesian royalty. The white interior is framed by exposed wood and sprinkled with Balinese accents to create the perfect tropical ambiance for your Costa Rican getaway. With 3 enclosed suites, an open air living space with magnificent ocean views, and a private pool area fit for a VIP, Casa de Frutas is the perfect tropical oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

Don’t think the design stops there. There are dozens of other vacation homes inside Tulemar that all boast various styles, decor, and design. You can check all of them out here.

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